Use this guide as a tool to help yourself decide on how you want to gear. Clickies are generally not included. For Clicky information check out the Magician Clicky Page.  

Unbuffed Stats

Below are the estimated stats you can expect. Out of era AA HP has already been adjusted for. This profile has no AA clickies (such as +400 Mana), so add that to the profile below if you have the clicky.

Slot Item Drop Location
Wand of Temporal Power
PoTime: Vallon Zek
Tactician’s Shield
PoTime: Tallon Zek
Earring of Unseen Horrors
+30% Beneficial Spell Haste/+3 Mana Regen

Earring of Influxed Gravity
+25% Spell Range/+3 Mana Regen

PoTime: Cazic Thule

PoTime: Quarm

Neck Talisman of the Elements
1-20% Mana Preservation
PoTime: Quarm
Face Veil of Lost Hopes
Clicky + Magician Only

Veil of the Inferno
Stat Alternate

PoTime: Saryrn

PoTime: Bertoxxulous

Head Circlet of Flowing Time
+1-35% Magic DD
PoTime: Tallon Zek
Pulsing Onyx Ring
+25% Beneficial Duration/+3 Mana Regen (Healer Contested)

Ring of Evasion
+3 Heroic Agility/+3 Mana Regen

Ring of Thunderous Forces
BiS Mana/+1-35% Magic DD/+3 Mana Regen

PoTime: Bertoxxulous

PoTime: Saryrn

PoTime: Rallos Zek

Wrists Zealot’s Spiked Bracer
+25% Spell Range/+3 Mana Regen

Bracer of Timeless Rage
+23% Detrimental Spell Haste

PoTime: Cazic Thule

PoTime: Innoruuk

Protective Sleeves
PoTime: Tier 3 Golems
Hands Gloves of the Unseen
+1-20% Mana Preservation (All Spells)
PoTime: Saryrn
Shoulders Shawl of Eternal Forces
PoTime: Quarm
Chest Magi`Kot’s Robe of Convergence
+1-35% Fire DD
PoTime: Cazic Thule/Quarm (Timeless Silk Robe Pattern)
Back Shroud of Eternity
BiS (Contested)

Cloak of the Falling Skies
Alternate/+1-20% Detrimental Mana Preservation

Cape of Endless Torment
Alternate/1-35% Fire DD/+6 Mana Regen

PoTime: Quarm

PoTime: Tallon Zek

PoTime: Terris Thule

Waist Belt of Temporal Bindings
PoTime: Bertoxxulous
Legs Ethereal Silk Leggings
+23% Spell Haste (All Spells)
PoTime: Quarm
Feet Sandals of Empowerment
PoTime: Rallos Zek
Ranged Symbol of Ancient Summoning
Pet Focus
PoTime: Bertoxxulous
Charm Intricate Wooden Figurine
PoP Progression

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