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 Monk 1.0 Epic
Celestial Fists

For this guide I have broken the Monk Epic up into 4 sections:

  Robe of the Whistling Fists
Demon Fangs
Celestial Fists (book graphic)
Celestial Fists – Final Turn-in!

Pre-farmable Items:

[   ] Robe of the Lost Circle – Drops from Brother Zephyl (Rathe Mountains) or Brother Qwinn (South Karana)
[   ] Metal Pipe (Fi)– Drops from an iksar betrayer in Chardok
[   ] Metal Pipe (Zan) – Drops from a drolvarg pawbuster in Karnor’s Castle
[   ] Charred Scale – Drops from Eejag in Lavastorm Mountains
[   ] Immortals – Drops from named in Skyfire

Part 1
Robe of the Whistling Fists

To get  Robe of the Whistling Fists you must first get 3 items:
Robe of the Lost Circle
Metal Pipe (Zan)
and Metal Pipe (Fi)

You can obtain these items in any order.


Robe of the Lost Circle

Option 1 (Not Recommended)

The first option involves completing a long, time consuming, sub-quest. It involves Tailoring, farming multiple rare named, and lots of running around. I recommend avoiding this path unless you have absolutely no guild or anyone who can help you. I will not be going into details on this path since Option 2, which also can be long, is way more time efficient.

Option 2 (Recommended)

Robe of the Lost Circle is the bottleneck for the Epic, and drops off of two separate rare named: Brother Qwinn and Brother Zephyl – Both are Human Monks. You can farm either one, but most people choose to go after Brother Zephyl because no tracking is required and there is less running around. Both Brother Zephyl and Brother Qwinn require some effort to kill They hit for in the 300s, and have a decent amount of HP. They on the same difficulty level as the old-school Guild Masters. You will need melee to kill them as they resist almost all spells. In Plane of Time gear, a Tank class with a Melee class should be able to kill them easily. Prior to PoP you may want to bring a few more people.

Brother Zephyl’s PH spawns in the Hill Giant area of Rathe Mountains. It will then roam on a specific path. Brother Zephyl has 4 PH’s: a drake, a grizzly bear, Hasten Bootsrunner, and Maldyn the Unkempt. The PH respawn timer is 5 minutes. After the PH spawns, it will immediately begin pathing out of the Hill Giant area. This is the best indicator that you have found the correct PH. Brother Zephyl is a rare spawn, and the robe does not drop every time, so it can be a long camp. It’s roughly somewhere between a 20% and 40% drop rate. He will be wearing a red robe when he has it. Otherwise he will have a Wu’s Tunic graphic.

Brother Zephyl’s PH will spawn in the circle and follow the red solid line.                                            


You can also get the robe from Brother Qwinn, who spawns in South Karana. He can spawn anywhere on the West side of the zone. He mostly spawns near the Splitpaw area somewhere. A tracker is not mandatory, but makes things substantially easier. He may have a specific PH, but nothing that I have seen is proven. I have farmed the robe 7 or 8 times, and find its best to just kill everything in the red box, specifically mobs that run north to south. He is a Rare Spawn, and just as Brother Zephyl, the robe does not always drop. He will be wearing a red robe when he has it. Otherwise he will have a Wu’s Tunic graphic. Expect to spend some time getting this robe regardless of which Brother you choose to camp.

Metal Pipe (Identifies as Zan)

This drops in Karnor’s Castle from a drolvarg pawbuster, who spawns in the Warlord’s room. PH is a drolvarg bodyguard and a Drolvarg warlord. Rare spawn. Always drops.

The map for Karnor’s Castle is a huge mess, so I took a screenshot of the Warlord’s room only. I have only seen a drolvarg pawbuster spawn from the left mob along the back wall, but you’ll end up clearing the whole room anyway since everything assists.


Metal Pipe (Identifies as Fi)

This drops in Chardok from an iksar betrayer. He has a specific PH near The Bridge Keeper area. Rare spawn. Always drops.


After all 3 items are obtained, head to Dreadlands and find Brother Balatin on the west side of the zone. His PH is a skeleton on top of a small wizard spire. 5 minute respawn. He spawns fairly frequently. He is KoS so you either need to sneak behind him and turn in the items while he’s indifferent con, or have someone charm him. Charming is recommended. Give him Robe of the Lost Circle, Metal Pipe (Zan), Metal Pipe (Fi) to receive  Robe of the Whistling Fists.

Part 2

Demon Fangs

A. Go to Lavastorm Mountains and find any a fire sprite mob. Say “I challenge eejag” to spawn Eejag (Level 55 Iksar) at the bottom of the lava lake. He is easily soloable at level 65. Resists Magic Spells. He should not take more than 1 group at lower levels. Loot Charred Scale.

B. Go to Plane of Sky and find a presence (invisible). It is located on island 1.5 which needs Key of Swords to access. You can buy Key of Swords from the Key Master on Island 1.

– Give a presence your Charred Scale to spawn Gwan. He has a knockback, so you will want to kill him inside the hut. This trivial fight should take 1 group or less. Other mobs on the island do not assist. Loot Breath of Gwan.

C. Go to Nurga and find a sleeping ogre. Give him Breath of Gwan to spawn Trunt. Make sure a sleeping ogre cons indifferent when you turn it in (you can use sneak). This is a trivial fight and should take 1 group or less. Loot Trunt’s Head.

 D. Go to Overthere and find Astral Projection. Give him Trunt’s Head to receive Eye of Kaiaren.

E. Go to Lake of Ill Omen and find Astral Projection on the platform in the middle of the Lake. Make sure you have levitate so you can get up on the platform. Give Astral Projection Eye of Kaiaren to spawn Vorash and Deep (KOS). Drag them to the shore (they will jump in the water and swim away at low HP if you kill them on the island). Once one of them dies Xenevorash will then spawn. Finish off the remaining mob then kill Xenevorash. Drag him to the shore also. He is level 65 and casts a stun on the tank. In PoP gear, you should be able to handle this with a just few players. It can take up to a couple of groups if you are in era. Loot Demon Fangs.


Part 3

Celestial Fists (book graphic)

Go to Skyfire and kill named mobs until you get Immortals. Having a tracker to hunt the named spawns down is helpful. All of the named are PH’s for the other ones. Usually only 2 or 3 are up at a time and they spawn all over the zone. Respawn is a few minutes or less.   Immortals is an uncommon drop off of any of them. This usually takes less than an hour with a tracker.

a lava walker (Wyvern Version)
a shadow drake
a soul devourer
a wandering wurm
a wurm spirit
Black Scar
Faerie of Dismay
Guardian of Felia

Go to Erudin and find Tomekeeper Danl. He is on the second floor of the library. Give him Immortals to receive Danl’s Reference.

Go Timorous Deep and locate Lheao (-11,600, -2,200). Give Lheao Danl’s Reference and  Robe of the Whistling Fists to receive Celestial Fists (book graphic).

*Note: Only do this turn-in when you’re done using Robe of the Whistling Fists or are ready to complete the Epic. Once you turn in the robe you can no longer use it’s clicky.


Part 4
Celestial Fists – Final Turn-in!

Head to Trakanon’s Teeth and find Kaiaren. There are two versions of Kaiaren, “crazy” and “sane”. You are first looking for the “crazy” version, who hangs out on the southeast side of the zone near Old Sebilis. You may need a tracker as sometimes he will get stuck in a wall or on a ceiling you can’t reach.

Give Kaiaren your Celestial Fists (book graphic). He returns the book and attacks. Either kill him or run him off. I’d advise just running him off. The reason we turned in the book is that doing so spawns the “real” Kaiaren elsewhere in the zone. This is who you need to find next.

The “real” Kaiaren spawns at +300, +2450 in a small hut.


Warning: Read the next section fully before doing the turn-in to “real” Kaiaren. There are two books with very similar names, and if you do the turn-in’s in the wrong order, then you will not receive your epic. I have personally seen this happen to people.

Give “real” Kaiaren Celestial Fists by itself. He will return a book to you called  Book of Celestial Fists. It has an identical graphic as  Celestial Fists, but a longer name.

Then turn in   Book of Celestial Fists along with  Demon Fangs to receive Celestial Fists!


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