Monk 1.5 Epic Guide
Fistwraps of Celestial Discipline


You must have either completed the Monk 1.0 Epic or the Monk 1.5 Pre-Quest to begin this quest.

Prefarmable Steps (assuming OoW is unlocked):

– Step 4 – Collect Ground Spawns
– Step 10 – Do all 6 Plane of Justice Trials and obtain The Mark of Justice
– Step 16 – Level up Pottery, see Step 16 for details
– Step 16 – Farm ingredients for Divine Crystallized Glaze
– Step 17 – Level up Tailoring to 66 (or higher)


Step 1

Go to Harbringer’s Spire and kill dragorn type trash mobs until you get Muramite Sand. Moderately common drop.


Step 2

Go to Lake Rathetear and locate a fallen student (+1330, +2060). Give him Muramite Sand to receive emote:

Say “time”



Step 3

Go to Shadow Haven and locate Researcher Relreom (+375, +1205). Follow his dialogue:

“Hail” Him
Say “important book”
Say “pages”




Step 4

Farm 4x Section of Parchment. They are all Ground spawns in 4 different zones.

1) Akheva Ruins – In a hallway

2) The Gulf of Gunthak – Inside a crashed boat

3) Howling Stones -Directly underneath the zone-in on top of the rock pile on the north side of the room.


4) The Hole – In the city area


Step 5

Go back to Shadow Haven and locate Researcher Relreom (+375, +1205). Give him 4x Section of Parchment to receive Danl’s Missing Book.



Step 6

Go to Erudin and locate Tomekeeper Danl on the second floor of the Library. Give him Danl’s Missing Book to receive emote. Follow his dialogue.


Step 7

Go back to Lake Rathetear and locate a fallen student (+1330, +2060).

Say “Vortix” — He will respawn as Vortix
Say “where is kaiarens diary” to Vortix to receieve emote:



Step 8

Next we have two fights, one in Sirens Grotto and another in Dulak’s Harbor:

1) Head to Sirens Grotto with a small group and locate Wygrish. He is on the shore just above the main waterfall. Hail him and he will attack. Hits 1600 max. Kill him and loot 1/2 of Kaiaren’s Diary.

2) Go to Dulak’s Harbor with a group and locate Quigli.

“Hail” him
– Say “right price”
– Say “defeat me crew”

– 4 adds spawn. You can just zerg down Quigli. The adds will despawn when he dies. This is a trivial fight.

Kill him and loot 1/2 of Kaiaren’s Diary.


Step 9

Go to Plane of Tranquility and find Vortix. Give him the two 1/2 of Kaiaren’s Diary you have to receive emote:


Step 10

Do all 6 Plane of Justice Trials. Loot the Mark from each Trial. Once you have all 6 Marks say “knowledge” to one of The Tribunal in the Trial Area to receive The Mark of Justice.


Step 11

Next is a raid boss fight. At level 70, you’ll need to have 1-3 groups (depending on group strength) to kill this boss.   form a small raid and port up to The Seventh Hammer by clicking on one of the blue portals behind The Tribunal NPC’s in the trial room. You can put The Mark of Justice one your cursor and click “U” (aka Use Centerscreen hotkey) on your keyboard to port up.

If the regular version is up you can kill it and loot Symbol of Order. If it is not up then an Epic version of the boss should spawn when you click up into the boss room with your The Mark of Justice.

Note: You may not be able to loot
Symbol of Order if #1 you are trying to pre-loot this item while not being on the correct part of the quest, or #2 you do not have The Mark of Justice.



Step 12

Go to Scarlet Desert with a small group and locate Disciple of Sun (+700, -1000). Kill the mobs in and around the castle ruins. Put a priority on killing a sun revenant. This will spawn Disciple of Sun. You’ll see an emote when he spawns:

You may need to talk to him to get him to attack. Kill him and loot Symbol of Sun.


Step 13

Go to Western Wastes with a small group and head Northwestern corner of the zone. Go to +3325, +2850 near a pillar. When you get close you’ll see an emote:

Create a hotkey:
/say i seek to prove myself to the order
/say prove myself

Run around the pillar and spam this hotkey until Disciple of Moon spawns. The location that you’ll get a response at is kind of picky. You’ll see the below when he spawns:

[Mon Jul 27 02:01:49 2020] You say, ‘prove myself’
[Mon Jul 27 02:01:49 2020] You say, ‘prove myself’
[Mon Jul 27 02:01:50 2020] You say, ‘prove myself’
[Mon Jul 27 02:01:50 2020] The Disciple of Moon says, ‘Very well then. Prepare your soul to be cleansed.’

Kill it and loot Symbol of Moon. This is an easy fight. Level 70. Hits at least 700+, maybe harder (not fully tested).


Step 14

Go to Back Plane of Tranquility and locate Vortix. “Hail” him to receive Letter to Stremstin.



Step 15

Go to The Bazaar and locate Eryke Stremstin. He is in the last stable on the left.

1) Give him Letter to Stremstin
2) Give him 1000pp to receive Celestial Thread — it will go straight into your bags.

Step 16

1) Level up Pottery between the 140 – 170 range: Pottery Guide

The Pottery trivial for the needed combines is 138 (see Part 3). Get to the skill level you’re comfortable with. I got mine to 145.

2) Create 3x Divine Crystallized Glaze (No-Fail) — Combine in Glaze Mortar (Bought from Elisha Dirtyshoes in Plane of Knowledge.) — **You may want to create a couple extra in case you fail the combine in the next part — youwill also do a similar combine 2 more times in the Monk 2.0 Epic so you want to create at least 5 Divine Crystallized Glaze.

Divine Crystallized Glaze Ingredients:

1x Iron Oxide – Drops various zones — Fastest way to get these is to mass kill elementals in Twilight Sea
1x Permafrost Crystals – Drops in Permafrost Keep off random mobs, mostly goblins
1x Water Flask – Vendor Bought
1x White Lead – Crafted in Mixing Bowl (No-Fail)
    1x Lead Sulphide – Buy  I`from Myre in North Kaladim or Viliani I`Xvoyt in Abysmal Sea
    1x Limestone – Buy from Myre in North Kaladim or VilianiXvoyt in Abysmal Sea

3) This is the Part you can potentially fail. Combine 1x Divine Crystallized Glaze with each of your 1x Symbols (Order, Sun, Moon) in a Kiln to create:

Polished Symbol of Order (Trivial 138)
Polished Symbol of Sun (Trivial 138)
Polished Symbol of Moon (Trivial 138)

Trivial on these is 138. I failed 1 combine on 4 attempts with a skill of 145. If you fail a combine you get the Symbol back but will lose Divine Crystallized Glaze.

Step 17

Next is a Tailoring combine. Get Tailoring to at least 66: Tailoring Guide. I choose 66 because you can get Tailoring to 66 with almost no effort. If you want to go higher it will certainly help, however read all of Step 17 and Step 18 before doing so.

The trivial for the next combine (In Step 18) is somewhere around 170 or possibly higher, however you can craft it with a lower skill level. Tailoring is time consuming to level so I find it’s easist to just brute force this combine with a lower skill level — although it costs some cash to do it this way (1000pp per attempt). I crafted mine with a skill level of 74.

Step 18

Create a Initiate’s Sash of Celestial Order (Trivial 170+?) with Tailoring.

Ingredients (Combine in a Sewing Kit):

Polished Symbol of Order
Polished Symbol of Sun
Polished Symbol of Moon
Belt Pattern – Bought (Higwyn Matrick, Western Trader Building, PoK | Loc: +120, +1480)
Celestial Thread

When you fail a combine you lose both the Belt Pattern and the Celestial Thread. You get the Polished Symbols back. Celestial Threads are lore so it’s best to stand at Eryke Stremstin in The Bazaar and buy a new one between each combine. They are 1000pp each so if you’re low skill it will cost you a bit of cash. It took me about 15 tries to successfully make one starting at Skill 66 and I ended up at 74 when I was finally successful.

Step 19

Go back to Vortix in Plane of Tranquility. Give him Initiate’s Sash of Celestial Order. He will hand it back and emote. **Save Initiate’s Sash of Celestial Order for the Monk 2.0 Epic. It will be used again** Follow his dialogue:

Say “journey”
Say “kaiaren’s being”
Say “place”


Step 20

Go to The Bloodfields with a small raid and locate Kragsmash.

“Hail” him
say “insist”

He will attack. Hits for 1,000+. Some adds spawn during the fight but despawn when he dies. Kill him and loot Kaiaren’s Mind.


Step 21

Go to Harbringer’s Spire with small raid and locate Windrush. He’s up the spiral staircase in one of the side rooms.

Hits 1700+
AE Rampages

Kill him and loot Kaiaren’s Body.


Step 22

Go back to Vortix in Plane of Tranquility. Give him Kaiaren’s Mind and Kaiaren’s Body to receieve emote:


Step 23

Go to The Bloodfields with a raid and locate The Keeper. He is at the Druid/Wizard port in spot on the bridge in the middle of the zone.

“Hail” him
Say “die”. He will attack.

– Hits 1850+
– Rampages
– AE Rampages
– Casts Breath of the Black (Targeted AE,  800 DD, 100 DD DoT, Diseased Based)

Kill him and loot Scribed Note.


Step 24

Go back to Vortix in Plane of Tranquility. Give him Scribed Note to receive your 1.5 Epic: Fistwraps of Celestial Discipline!

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