This guide focuses on DPS output. Some HP/AC is sacrificed to maximize DPS. With that said, defensive stats/skills are taken into consideration where it fits. If you want to stack AC/HP/Heroic Stamina this guide should not be used.


– Ferocity III (+Double Attack % Chance): Ruby of Determined Assault – Ranged
– Improved Dodge III: Armband of Writhing Shadow – Arms
– Cleave III (+ Critical Hit % Chance): Gem-Studded Band of Struggle – Ring
– Faerune: Azure Trinket of Despair – Earring
– Haste: Shroud of the Legion – 45% – Back
– 250 Worn Attack
– Increased Flying Kick Damage via Items: +85 in this build

Heroic Stat Goals

+38 Heroic Dexterity:
Provides increase proc rate via 100/100 Combat Effects and  150/150 Accuracy
+35 Heroic Agility: 35/35 Strikethrough and 100/100 Avoidance
+40 Heroic Strength:
Provides +35 Self Damage Shield and +4 melee damage to each melee attack (You get +1 per 10 Heroic Strength)
+35 Heroic Stamina:
(only +24 in this build)


+8% Overhaste: Ring of Organic DarknessTacvi: Pixtt Kretv Krakxt
+25 ATK:
Irestone Band of Rage – Ikkinz Raid #3: Chambers of Transcendence
+50% Haste Clicky:
Lizardscale Plated Girdle – Cragbeast Queen Quest
+AC/Resist Buff: Lavender Cloak of Destruction – Uqua
+24 Damage Shield: Pauldron of Dark Auspices –
Tacvi: Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik

See all Gates of Discord clickies >> HERE <<

Note: HP/AC below will be slightly off. Yours will likely will be a bit higher than shown in the profile as this character doesn’t have all the AC/HP clickies and is short a few AC AA, but this will give a general idea of your stats using the gear below.

Note: I included 2 Face slot options, the first puts you slightly over Accuracy Cap (via Heroic Dex), the second puts you slightly below it.

Slot Item Augment
Mindreaper Club
Tacvi: Zun`Muram Shaldn Boc
Blade Warstone
Tacvi: Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax
Off-Hand Handwraps of Captured Magic
Qvic: Cynosure Kvanjji
Solid Stone of the Iron Fist
Tacvi: Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax
Ear 1 Azure Trinket of Despair
Txevu: Ancient Cragbeast Matriarch
Focused Prism of Accuracy
LDoN: The Curse Reborn
Ear 2 Silver Hoop of Speed
PoTime: Quarm
Ritualist’s Gem of Power
LDoN: Ritualist of Hate
Neck Assistant Researcher’s Symbol
GoD: Skin Sample Quest
Glowing Stone of Precision
LDoN: Ritualist of Hate
Face Mask of Strategic Insight
PoTime: Phase 3 Golems
Jagged Froststone of Enchantments
LDoN: Folly of Miragul’s Ambition
Face Opt 2. Stained Fur Mask
Txevu: Ixt Hsek Syat
Jagged Froststone of Enchantments
LDoN: Folly of Miragul’s Ambition
Head Shadowy Coif of Condemnation
Txevu: Mastruq Champion Event
Warden’s Stone of Prowess
LDoN: Prison Break
Ring 1 Gem-Studded Band of Struggle
Txevu: Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
Sharp-Edged Pearl Shard
LDoN: Prison Break
Ring 2 Ring of Organic Darkness
Tacvi: Pixtt Kretv Krakxt
Heart of the Beast
Yxtta: Primals
Wrist 1 Wristband of Icy Vengeance
PoTime: Quarm
Nightstone of the Vampire Slayer
LDoN: Struggles within the Progeny
Wrist 2 Wristband of Chaotic Warfare
Tvexu: Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
Burning Acid Shard
LDoN: Ritualist of Hate
Arms Armband of Writhing Shadow
Tacvi: Pixtt Riel Tavas
Geomantic Compact Chanting Stone
LDoN: Within the Compact
Hands Pressl’s Gloves of Balance
GoD: Class Armor Quest

Enchanted Orb of Hardened Mud
LDoN: The Curse Reborn
Shoulders Pauldron of Dark Auspices
Tacvi: Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik
Bloodfire Cabochon
Txevu: Ikaav Nysf Lleiv
Chest Ton Po’s Chestwraps of Composure
PoTime: Class Armor Quest
Stone of Portal Calling
Qvic: trash mobs
Back Shroud of the Legion
Tacvi: Zun`Muram Mordl Delt
Scion Stone of Disruption
LDoN: Struggles within the Progeny
Waist Girdle of the Zun’Muram
Tacvi: Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik
Ledanne’s Jewel of Cessation
LDoN: Within the Compact
Legs Greaves of the Dark Ritualist
Tacvi: Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax
Ruby of Steadfastness
Txevu: Aneuk Bosses
Feet Pressl’s Sandals of Balance
GoD: Class Armor Quest
Enchanted Orb of Defense
LDoN: Struggles within the Progeny
Ranged Ruby of Determined Assault
Tacvi: Pixtt Riel Tavas
Glyphed Sandstone
Ikkinz Group Trials, All 3?
Charm Opt. 1 Intricate Wooden Figurine
PoP Progression
Adventurer’s Stone
LDoN Progression
Charm Opt. 2 Chiseled Jade Figurine
Taskmistress Krisz Quest
Adventurer’s Stone
LDoN Progression
Charm Opt. 3 Whimsy of the Masters
Tipt: Kyv Heartstriker Jhiru
Adventurer’s Stone
LDoN Progression


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