Our goal as a Monk in Kunark is to have:

1) Monk 1.0 Epic
2) 41% Haste (Waist is most realistic option)
3) Strength/Dexterity/Stamina/AC/HP as high as possible. You may favor a particular stat. Different options are provided in many slots.
4) 250 Range Item for pulling
5) You may also want to pick up resist gear to swap for raiding/pulling. Most major options are included in this guide.

Below are stats you can expect with the gear below. Your results will vary depending on which items you choose, your race, and starting stats. This profile is showing options with melee stats.

If I missed a better item in any slot, feel free to let me know in Discord.

Slot Item Drop Location
Celestial Fists
BiS: Celestial Fists – 23/26 Ratio at 60. Wear no weapons with this option.
Monk 1.0 Epic
Celestial Fists
BiS: Celestial Fists – 23/26 Ratio at 60. Wear no weapons with this option.
Monk 1.0 Epic
Fingerbone Hoop
Stats/See Invis Option

Sarnak Earring of Station
Strength Option

Pearly Sarnak Bauble
HP Option

Blue Diamond Electrum Earring
Resist Option (Can wear 2)

Howling Stones: Embalming Fluid

Drops from sarnak’s in multiple zones

Chardok: Arch Inspector Nibi`zi


Neck Pulsating Gem
Option 1

Necklace of Superiority
Option 2

Veehan’s Peak 1.0: Nexona

Howling Stones: Drusella Sathir (Kunark Era)

Face Ton Po’s Eye Patch
BiS: Stats/See Invis

Golden Diamond Mask
Resist Option

PoSky Monk Quest

Head Crown of Rile
BiS (Contested)

Executioners Hood
Stat Option

Crown of King Tranix
Magic Resist Option

Crown of the Froglok Kings
Fire/Cold Resist Option

Veeshan’s Peak: Phara Dar

Lower Guk: a ghoul executioner

SolB: King Tranix

Lower Guk: the froglok king

Regal Band of Bathezid

Djarn’s Amethyst Ring

Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring
Resist Option (Can wear 2)

Chardok Quest

SolB: Djarn’s Amethyst Ring


Wrists Back Straps of Mastery

Shackle of Tynnonium

PoSky Monk Quest

Kunark Quest

Spirit Wracked Cord
BiS: +10 Attack
Chardok Quest/Chardok: Grand Lorekeeper Kino Shai`din(Rare Drop)
Hands Celestial Fists
BiS: Monk 1.0 Epic. 23/26 Ratio. Wear no weapons for this ratio.
Monk 1.0 Epic
Shoulders Sode of Empowerment
PoHate (pre-LDoN): Grandmaster R`Tal
Chest Robe of the Lost Circle
BiS Overall Stats

Shiverback-Hide Jerkin
Alternate – Melee Stats

Brother Qwinn (South Karana)/Brother Zephyl (Rathe Mountains)/Monk Epic Quest

PoFear: a shiverback

Back Siblisian Berserker Cloak

Shroud of Veeshan
Option 2 (Contested)

Hierophant’s Cloak

Cloak of Flames

Old Sebilis: froglok trash Drop

Veeshan’s Peak 1.0: Phara Dar

Old Sebilis: Hierophant Prime Grekal

Lord Nagafen, Talendor, Ixiblat Fer

Waist Golden Sash of Tranquility
BiS + 41% Haste
PoSky Monk Quest
Legs Golden Efreeti Greaves
Option 1: DEX (Heavy Item)

Gorilla Hide Leggings
Option 2: STR/DEX

PoSky: Noble Doljorn/the Hand of Veeshan/Overseer of Air

Toxxulia Forest: Lord Gongo

Feet Grey Suede Boots
Option 1: 41% Haste

Shiverback-Hide Boots
Option 2

Veeshan’s Peak 1.0: Hoshkar

PoFear: a shiverback

Ranged/Ammo Idol of the Thorned
BiS Stats

Antonian Javelin
250 Range

Frontier Mountains: Chief RokGu

112 Blacksmithing

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