Pre-farmable Steps include:

Step 3 – Flowing Black Robe (Najena or Overthere)
Step 6 – Manisi Herb (Chardok)
Step 9 – Cloak of Spiroc Feathers (Quest in PoSky)
Step 10 – Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule (PoFear)
Step 11 – Eye of Innoruuk (PoHate)

Step 1

Go to Mountains of Rathe  and kill Sir Edwin Motte. He spawns as part of a NPC spawn cycle inside an Inn in the Hill Giant area of the zone. His PH’s will spawn and despawn on their own every minute or so. Some of them stay up longer, some of them shorter.  You don’t need to kill any of them. Eventually Sir Edwin Motte will spawn. I had him spawn him twice in 45 minutes. Kill him and Loot Head of Sir Edwin Motte.

Step 2
Go to Lake Rathetear and find Kazen Fecae (+350, -1600). Give him Head of Sir Edwin Motte to receive Symbol of the Apprentice.

Step 3
Obtain a Flowing Black Robe. You can get one from Najena in Najena, which is an easy, but potentially long camp. A quicker option is to get one from Utandar Rizndown (Lv. 40), Vaean the Night (Lv. 49), or Siladdarae N’Riese (Lv. 49) in The Overthere. They drop the robe every time when killed.  Guards and other NPC’s will assist upon aggro. As a Warrior in Plane of Time Gear, I was able to zerg one down and zone out. If you are lower level you might want to bring some friends. The robe is also tradable, so check the Bazaar.

Step 4

Go to Nektulos Forest and find Venenzi Oberzendi (-1150, -260). First, give her Symbol of the Apprentice to receive Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice. Next, give her Flowing Black Robe to receive Rolling Stone Moss.

Step 5
Go back to  Lake Rathetear and find Emkel Kabae. He is on the Southeast Island. Give him Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice and Rolling Stone Moss to receive Symbol of the Serpent.

Step 6

Go to Chardok and kill Grand Herbalist Mak`ha (+160, +30). He spawns in the “herbalist” room within the tunnels. Loot Manisi Herb. Rare spawn. Rare Drop. Expect to spend some time here.

Step 7
Find Ssessthrass (+3800, +1600) in Swamp of No Hope. First, give him  Symbol of the Serpent to receive  Scaled Symbol of the Serpent. Next, give him the Scaled Symbol of the Serpent you just got along with Manisi Herb to receive Refined Manisi Herb.


Step 8
Go back to Lake Rathetear. Bring a few people if you are only in your 50s.

1. Give Emkel Kabae Refined Mainsi Herb to receive Symbol of Testing. Next up we have a fight.

2. Give Symbol of Testing to Kazen Fecae to spawn 3 named mobs: a bone golema failed apprentice, and a tortured soul. They spawn 1 at a time and a bone golem drops Twisted Bone Earring (excellent tradable  earring in era).

3. Loot  Symbol of Insanity from a tortured soul. 


Step 9
Go to Plane of Sky and complete the quest for Cloak of Spiroc Feathers. You will need three items:

Black Silk Cape Obtained by killing Keeper of Souls on island 4. Uncommon Drop. He will spawn 30 min – 1 hour after the first mob on the island is killed. He also casts Death Touch.
Silver Disc
Drops from azaracks on Island 2 – tradable
Spiroc Feathers
Drops from various mobs on Island 3 – tradable

Once all three items are obtained, head to the Quest Room. Say, “i wish to be tested by jzil” to Drakis Bloodcaster. He will give you Shadowy Thoughts. Give it back to him to spawn Jzil G’Six.  

Give Jzil G’Six  Black Silk Cape, Silver Disc, and Spiroc Feathers to receive Cloak of Spiroc Feathers.


Step 10
Go to Plane of Fear and loot Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule.

Pre-Velious (1.0): Drops off Cazic-Thule
Velious+ (2.0): Drops off Dread, Fright, or Terror.

It is also tradable so check the Bazaar.

Step 11
Go to Plane of Hate  and loot  Eye of Innoruuk. Seems to drop off of most mini-named.

Step 12
Head over to Timorous Deep.

Give Symbol of Insanity to Drendico Metalbones (NW Island +6500, 3850) to receive Journal of Drendico

Next, give him Journal of Drendico, Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule, Eye of Innoruuk, and Cloak of Spiroc Feathers to receive Prepared Reagent Box.

Step 13
Go back to Lake Rathetear. Give Prepared Reagent Box to Kazen Fecae to receive Tome of Instruction.


Step 14

Go to Plane of Sky again. On the first island you will find a thunder spirit princess. Give her 1 platinum. Doing so will spawn Gkzzallk on Island 3. Go up to him. He is inside the hut in the middle of the island. Other mobs should not aggro as long as you’re inside. Give Gkzzallk Tome of Instruction to receive Gkzzallk in a Box.

Final Turn In

Give Gkzzallk in a Box to Kazen Fecae in Lake Rathetear for your  Scythe of the Shadowed Soul!




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