There are 5 mini-bosses in Anguish that are killable every 2 hours. You can drop the instance and reset it every 2 hours (Same duration as the Anguish replay timer in the DZ/Instance window). They all have a PH (a lightning warrior commander) so do not spawn every time, however they seem to be fairly common (Approx. 50% spawn rate). These mini-bosses drop several augments that are highly sought after. See Loot HERE.

To spawn these minis you must kill 40 trash mobs within the zone. Below is a map of where they spawn at. They always spawn in the same spot, with the exception of First Lieutenant Minas, who I have seen spawn near both the Jelvan Event and Warden Hanvar. It’s possible he spawns near the Jelvan Event then paths up to Warden Hanvar. Normally I just see him near Warden Hanvar though, but something to keep in mind if you can’t find him.


The Mini Bosses all have the same abilities, the only difference being the type of spells that land on them. The PH for the named is a lightning warrior commander. He has the same abilities as the named do, but won’t drop an augment.



Shared Abilities

– 180K HP
– Hits 3400+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Flurries
– Slowable
– Casts Axe of the Muramite (PBAE, Minor Endurance Drain, -300 Magic Based)
– Casts Blade of the Muramite (PBAE, 500 DD + Minor HP DoT, -300 Poison Based, 27 Curse Cure)
– Casts Flail of the Muramite (PBAE, -60 Mana Drain DoT, -300 Magic Based)


Vilria the Keeper: Highly resistant to Fire (possibly immune). Weak to all other types
Grenlok the Converter: Generally low resists but weakest to Disease/Magic/Poison
Damlin Lingering Charge: Moderately resistant to Magic, Cold, Fire. Weakest to Poison/Disease
Administrator Charial: Highly resistant to Cold (possibly immune). Weak to all other types
First Lieutenant Minas: Generally low resists but weakest to Disease/Magic/Poison


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