Things to keep in mind for Ture:

1) “Tank and Spank” style fight. There are no adds

2) Flurries, Rampages, and AE Rampages

3) He does an emote that shows when he is going to AE Rampage. The emote takes place once per minute. You’ll get a 5 second warning to get away, then he’ll AE Rampage for a total of 10 seconds before it’s safe to move back in.

4) Ture also has a few different AE’s:
– The main one is Wanton Destruction which has a Mana Drain + DD. Keep Curse Cure ready. This is a PBAE.

– His other 3 AE’s are Targeted AE’s. 2 of them have a dispel component. All 3 of them also do direct damage or have a HP/Tick DoT. Tank him facing away from the raid. One of them can be Poison Cured.


Fight Info

– 2.6 Million HP

– Hits 3400+ (35 Heroic Stamina)

– Rampages

– Wild Rampage (emote based)

– Flurries

– Slowable (Disease-Based Recommended)

– Casts Stone Breath (Targeted AE, 3 sec stun, 500 DD, Dispel, -200 Chromatic Based)

– Casts Swamp Breath (Targeted AE, 200 DD, -300 HP/DoT, 18 Poison Counters, -300 Poison Based)

– Casts Thunder Breath (Targeted AE, 1500 DD, 2x Dispel, -250 Magic Based)

– Casts Wanton Destruction (PBAE, 4000 DD, -1000 Mana Pool, -100 Mana/Tick, -500 HP/DoT, -500 ATK, -60 AC, 36 Curse Counters, 300 Magic Based, casts approx. 1 per minute, but not always exactly)


– Highly resistant to Cold and Poison Spells
– Resistant to Magic
– Weakest to Fire and Disease Spells


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