Raid Trial: The Mastery of Adaptation
(Projection of Realms)
Muramite Proving Grounds

Speak to Projection of Realms and say “adaptation” to get the instance. This requires at least 6 players to start and up to 54 players are allowed.

Say “begin” to Master of Adaptation to start the event. Your goal is to kill Master of Adapatation, who will shapeshift into different forms. They seem to spawn in random orders. Possibly more often the longer the fight goes on? I did not see any specific patterns. Included is my log of times between morphs and and the HP % they changed at:


Each form has some special mechanics, including being/strong weak to specific melee weapon types. Detailed information below:


– Estimated 4 Million HP
– Hits 4200+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable

Construct of Pain (dragorn)
– Casts Withering Heat (Single Target, 1500 DD, -200 Endurance, -475 Fire Based)
– Casts Lacerating Aura (Self Buff, Spell Damage Shield 1500)
– Weak to Piercing

Construct of Power (golem)
– Flurries
– Spawns with 5x a diminutive construct adds: Estimated 35K HP, Hit 1K+, Mezzable and Slowable, despawn when boss changes forms.
– Weak to Blunt

Construct of Fire
– Casts Flickering Fire (Self Buff, 500 Spell Damage Shield, 75 Damage Shield)
– Casts Metacrystalline Polyphase (PBAE, 1250 DoT/-125 Mana DoT, -375 Fore Based, 36 Curse Cure)
– Spawns with 1x a lick of flame add: 45K HP, Hits 2800+ (35 Heroic Stamina), Immune to Mez, despawns when boss changes forms.
– Weak to Spells (unconfirmed)

Construct of Brutality (Bazu)
– Rampages
– AE Rampages
– Weak to Slashing

Construct of Ice
– Casts Breath of the Gelidran (PBAE, 2000 DD, -500 Endurance, Snare, -375 Cold Based)
– Casts Glint of Ice (Self Buff, 50% Spell Reflect)
– Spawns with 1x a mote of frost add. 45K HP, Hits 2800+ (35 Heroic Stamina), Immune to Mez, despawns when boss changes forms. Charmable.



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