Raid Trial: The Mastery of Foresight
(Projection of Tactics)
Muramite Proving Grounds

Speak to Projection of Tactics and say “foresight” to get the instance. This is designed for up to 54 players. At least 6 are required to request the instance.


Once the instance you’ll see Master of Foresight surrounded by 4x a kyv sureshot mobs. They aren’t attackable and are rooted in place. They’re part of the event but you won’t be killing them. You’ll also see 6x dragorns along the outside wall of the room, these are what you’ll be killing. Say “begin” to Master of Foresight to start the event.

The ultimate goal is to kill all 6x dragon-type mobs around the outside walls. Once they die the event is won and all the mobs on the middle platform despawn. Burn down the 6x dragon-type mobs ASAP.  Use discs early. DoT classes can DoT multiple at once since they do not summon. They are perma-rooted, slowable, have 700K HP each, and don’t hit very hard by raid standards (1500+).

AE Heals and player awareness are important in this trial.

The catch is that you’ll need to kill them while responding to a series of “Simon Says” type emotes. If you fail to respond to an emote you’ll get hit by a spell from either “a sureshot kyv” or “a hazard”, more on this next.





For the most part the emotes are self explanatory when read. Two in particular can be partially ignored. One emote involves removing your rings,  and another will have you un-equip your primary weapon. Everyone can remove their rings before beginning the of the event to bypass the ring emote completely. Casters can also remove their primary weapon the entire time. Melee will have to re-equip (use your bandolier) their weapons as needed.

Below are the emotes you’ll see. “Kyv” and “Ring/Weapon” emotes seem to be individual player emotes while “room” emotes the entire raid will see at the same time. The “kyv” emotes punish the hardest if failed so you’ll probably want to prioritize those if you see multiple emotes at once. It seems that the further along in the event you get the more frequently you’ll see emotes (maybe related to deaths? Not 100% confirmed).

You’ll also get an emote if you successfully complete one. The first is for kyv emotes the second for other emotes:

a kyv sureshot casts one the following on kyv fails:

Kyv Arrow (Single Target, 7,500 DD, -1000 Magic Based)
Headshot (Single Target, 10,000 DD + Feign Death, -1000 Magic Based)

a hazard casts one the following on room/weapon fails:

Crippling Clamp (Single Target, -25% Spell+Melee Haste, 1200 DD, -1000 Magic Based, 60 Disease Cure)
Searing Heat (Single Target, 2000 DD, -300 Fire Based)
Flashfire (Single Target, 5000 DD, -475 Fire Based)
Scalding Steam (Single Target, 5000 DD + 950 DoT, -400 Chromatic Based)


Dragorn Mechanics

The dragorns themselves also cast spells that you’ll need to look out for. The first two are damage shields: one against melee, and one again spells. The last one is Flashfire, a 5000 DD that will hit anyone close to him. You should see the one of the emotes below before he casts it as a warning of how to react.

– Casts Jagged Spikes (350 Damage Shield)
The Dragorn before you is sprouting sharp spikes. (DON’T MELEE)

– Casts Lacerating Aura (1500 Spell Damage Shield)
The Dragorn before you is developing an anti-magic aura. (DON’T CAST)

– Casts Flashfire (Single Target, 5000 DD, -475 Fire Based)
You notice that the Dragorn before you is preparing to cast a devastating spell. Doing enough damage to him might interrupt the process. (DPS)
You notice that the Dragorn before you is preparing to cast a devastating close-range spell. (MOVE AWAY)

– 700K HP Each
– Hit 1500+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable
– Permarooted
– Do not summon




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