Raid Trial: The Mastery of Specialization
(Projection of Arcana)
Muramite Proving Grounds

Speak to Projection of Arcana and say “specialization” to get the instance. This is designed for up to 54 players in era.

Say “begin” to Master of Specialization to start the event.

This is a single boss fight against Master of Specialization. He will cast various debuffs. Based on the debuff he casts it will make you less effective against him in different ways. He also has four 6000 DD spells using different schools of magic. Maxing resists is recommended. Keep AE heals ready. High DPS and Healing is recommended in this trial.

– 4 Million HP
– Hits 4200+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable

Direct Damage AE’s

– Casts Chilling Agony (PBAE, 6000 DD, -350 Cold Based)
– Casts Glimmering Aura (PBAE, 6000 DD, -350 Magic Based)
– Casts Toxic Blast (PBAE, 6000 DD, -350 Poison Based)
– Casts Searing Pain (PBAE, 6000 DD, -350 Fire Based)

Weapon/Spell Impacting AE’s

– Casts Curse of Misfortune (PBAE, Don’t use Slashing or Magic Based Spells, 10 Curse Cure)
– Casts Imprecision (PBAE, Don’t use Piercing, Backstab or Fire Based Damage, 10 Poison Cure)
– Casts Rigidity (PBAE, Don’t use Blunt or Cold Based Damage, 10 Disease Cure)
– Casts Impurity (PBAE, Don’t use H2H, Kick, or Disease/Poison Damage)

You can create some GINA triggers to monitor his AE’s using the emotes below:

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