King Gelaqua Raid Guide

Riftseekers’ Sanctum



Phase 1

Upon entering King Gelaqua’s room you’ll notice he is surrounded by 6x Prince’s. On the opposite side of the room  you’ll also notice 6x Blue Portals. These Portals spawn a snarling feran and an icy orb, and are tied to each of their respective Prince (based on location). King Gelaqua will initially be unattackable until all 6x Prince’s are dead.

You can begin by pulling either the 3x right or 3x left side Prince’s. You do not need to fight all at once. This means you’ll also have a snarling feran and an icy orb adds spawning out of 3x portals. Kill the first 3x Prince’s while handling the adds. After each Prince dies, the respective Prince’s portal will stop spawning adds.

Once the first 3x Prince’s are dead, the other 3 Prince’s will immediately aggro the raid. Kill them using the same strategy as the first 3. Once all Princes are dead King Gelaqua becomes active and immediately aggros.

an icy orb – Kill these ASAP.  50K HP. They will immediately path towards the King Gelaqua. If they reach him they will then select a player target to run towards, and do so at a faster pace. If they reach that player they will despawn and multiple a gelidin crystal will spawn in its place. These crystals will continue to cast a nasty PBAE that does 2500 DD and a large mana/endurance drain.  You will see the range of the AE as indicated by butterfly particle effects. If you do see the butterfly particle effect you’ll either need to kill the a gelidin crystal’s to stop the AE or run out of its area of effect.

a snarling  feran Kill these as they spawn. 50K HP, Hit 1100+, Slowable, Mezzable.

Phase 2

Kill King Gelaqua. an icy orb will continue to spawn occasionally from the portals during the fight, so keep killing them. I recommend fighting him away from the portals to buy your raid more time to kill them. Otherwise he doesn’t have any special mechanics, but does hit for 4900+ (35 Heroic Stamina) so Defensive Disc and slowing him ASAP is recommended.

King Gelaqua

– 2 Million HP
– Hits 4900+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable

– 500K HP
– Hit 3100+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable
– Casts Wing Strike (Single Target, 3 second stun, -150 Magic Based)

a snarling feran

– 50K HP
– Hits 1100+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable
– Mezzable
– Procs Deep Gouge (Single Target, 250 DD, -150 Magic based)

an icy orb

– 50K HP
– Runs to King Gelaqua, if it reaches him it will then run to a player and spawn multiple a gelidin crystal if the player is reached.

a gelidin crystal

– 20K HP
– Casts Gelaqua’s Embrace (PBAE, 2500 DD, -500 Mana/Endurance, – 400 Cold Based)


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