Pyrique Redwing Raid Guide

Wall of Slaughter

Max out Fire Resist for this event.

This event can be confusing at first but we’ll make it simple. When first approaching you’ll see Pyrique Redwing in a small room. You can engage and start DPSing her down immediately. It’s best to pull her out of her room when killing her for the first time. She only hits for 800+ and is slowable. At 75-80% she will despawn and 6x Pyrique’s Shadow will spawn inside the room Pyrique Redwing was standing in. These Pyrique’s Shadows are all perma-rooted.

Both Pyrique Redwing and the 6x Pyrique’s Shadow constantly cast the spell Pyrilen Bolt (Single Target, 1500 DD, -400 Fire Based), due to this it’s best to have a tank on each target to even out the damage.

The goal  is to find the “real” Pyrique’s Shadow and DPS it down. At one point you were able to “consider” them all and the real one would “consider” as a raid target, but this was nerfed in a 2019 patch so now we have to figure it out the old fashioned way.

The “real” one will hit harder (800+) and has substantially more HP than the fake ones. Fake ones will die quickly and only hit for 100-200. Once the “real one” is identified the raid needs to do as much damage as possible. Every 35-40 seconds all 6x Pyrique’s Shadow will respawn at 100% HP. When this happens the place of the “real” one can change and you’ll have to figure out which is the “real” one again.

It would appear you are not making any progress when they respawn at 100% HP, but don’t worry, you are! Just keep finding the “real” one and DPSing it down before they respawn again. From what I can tell you repeat this process until your raid deals roughly 320K damage to the “real”  Pyrique’s Shadow (number of respawns is not relevant), at that point Pyrique Redwing will respawn again at full HP and this time you’ll be able to kill her for good.

Pyrique Redwing
– 320K HP
– Hits 800+
– Slowable
– Casts Pyrilen Bolt (Single Target, 1500 DD, -400 Fire Based)

Pyrique’s Shadows
– Respawn every 35-40 seconds to 100% HP
– The lace of the “real” one can change during these respawns
– The “fake” ones hit for 100-200 melee damage when in range and have lower HP than the “real” one.
– The “real” one Hits for 800+ melee and has substantially more HP than the “fake” ones.

– Once 300K damage is dealt to the real Pyrique’s Shadow then Pyrique Redwing will respawn
– Casts Pyrilen Bolt (Single Target, 1500 DD, -400 Fire Based)




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