Paladin 1.0 Epic – Part 4
 Fiery Defender


Fiery Defender is the final reward in the Paladin 1.0 Epic. It requires that you already have Fiery Avenger.

Step 1

Head to Nektulos Forest with a group. Find Kirak Vil, Say “i am a paladin”. He will attack. Kill him and loot Tainted Darksteel Shield.

– Level 56
– Hits approx 180

– 18K HP
– Slowable


Step 2

Go to The Hole. You will need to kill Keeper of The Tombs and loot Tainted Darksteel Sword. Supposedly on a 3 day respawn (not confirmed). Take a group or two in Kunark era. Level 55.

He may spawn in different locations based on what expansions have been released on your TLP Server.

The Hole 1.0 (Pre-LDoN): Graveyard area. Unconfirmed but likely.

The Hole 2.0 (LDoN+): Throne Room. Confirmed.

Step 3

Go to Plane of Hate.
Kill thought destroyer (-210, -590) and loot  Tainted Darksteel Breastplate. Respawn timer unconfirmed. Level 55. No PH. A couple of groups might be needed during Kunark?


Step 4

1) Go to North Kaladim. Find Jark. Say “I will get your dinner”. This spawns Nella Stonebraids nearby in the temple area.

2) Say do you have jark’s dinner” to Nella Stonebraids to receive  Cold Plate of Beef and Bread.

3) Go back to Jark and give him  Cold Plate of Beef and Bread to receive Pure Crystal.

Step 5
Go to Northern Felwithe. Give Elia the Pure  the Tainted Darksteel Shield to receive Gleaming Crested Shield.

Step 6

Go to East Freeport and find peasant woman (140, -550). Say “I will take it to him” to receive Bucket of Water. Give the  Bucket of Water to Joshua (also in East Freeport (30, -470)) to receive  Bucket of Pure Water.


Step 7

Go to Erudin and locate Reklon Gnallen (can use “Find“).

– First, give Reklon Gnallen  Bucket of Pure Water and  Tainted Darksteel Sword to receive Gleaming Crested Sword.

– Next, give Reklon Gnallen Pure Crystal and  Tainted Darksteel Breastplate to receive Gleaming Crested Breastplate.

– Lastly, give Reklon Gnallen Gleaming Crested Shield Gleaming Crested Sword Gleaming Crested Breastplate to receive  Mark of Atonement.


Step 8

Go to Plane of Fear. Bring your Fiery Avenger and  Mark of Atonement.

Give them both to Irak Altil to receive your Fiery Defender!!!


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