Paladin 1.5 Epic
Pre-Quest Guide

This quest will make you eligible to start the Paladin 1.5 Epic quest if you have not completed the 1.0 Epic.

Step 1

Head to Plane of Valor and locate Baltron Werters.

Say “willing to help him rebuild couragebringer” to receive Baltron’s Solvent.


Step 2

Head to South Ro and locate Gilfal. Give him Baltron’s Solvent. He will hand it back and you’ll also receive Gilfal’s Scabbard (6-slot container).




Step 3

Kill 3 bosses and loot 3 items. You can do them in any order.

1) PoStorms – Neffiken, Lord of Kelek’Vor – Broken Sword Piece
2) PoTormentKaniz Painbringer – Broken Sword Piece
3) PoHate – Maestro of Rancor Broken Sword Piece

PoStorms – Neffiken, Lord of Kelek’Vor

Head to PoStorms with 1-2 groups and locate Neffiken, Lord of Kelek’Vor. He is inside the Northeast Forest Fort.

**Note: While on your way to PoStorms you can pick up the ground spawn Rune of Xor in PoTranquility. See Step 4.**

He will be untargetable at first. To spawn him kill all of the giants in and around the fort. There are 6 north of the fort you’ll need to kill as well. Once all are dead, he becomes targetable.

Kill him and loot Broken Sword Piece

Hits 1300+
Spawns tree adds during the fight

Approx. 350K HP
Procs Mana Bolt (Single Target, 1500 Mana Drain, Unresistabe)

PoTorment – Kaniz Painbringer

Head to PoTorment and locate Kaniz Painbringer. This is takes less than 1 group. Easy Fight. 70K HP. Has an AE Slow  -150 Disease resist check.

Kill it and loot Broken Sword Piece.


PoHate – Maestro of Rancor

Head to PoHate with a couple groups. Kill Maestro of Rancor and loot Broken Sword Piece. You can spawn him in an instance if needed.

Hits 800+
Approx. 420K HP
Spawns a few adds

Step 4

Obtain 4x Ground Spawn Runes from around Norrath:

Zone Item MAP
Plane of Tranquility Rune of Xor MAP
Castle of Mistmoore
Rune of Yirno MAP
Scarlet Desert Rune of Zota MAP
The Gulf of Gunthak Rune Wilun MAP


Step 5

1) Go to Everfrost and Locate Rombus. He is in the LDoN camp.

2) Follow his dialogue:

3) Give him the 4x Runes you got in Step 4. Give him a quick moment to cast a spell and Broken Sword Piece will appear on your cursor. He will despawn.


Step 6

Combine the following into your  into your  Gilfal’s Scabbard (6-slot container) to create
Fractured Couragebringer.

  4x Broken Sword Piece
Baltron’s Solvent

Step 7

Go back to South Ro and locate Gilfal. Give him Fractured Couragebringer. He will hand it back (the one he hands back has different Item Lore).

Step 8

Go back to PoValor and locate Baltron Werters. Give him  Fractured Couragebringer.

The giant Frog Avatar of Rathalzor will spawn! You’ll receive Couragebringer on your cursor after a moment.

1.5 Epic Pre-Quest Complete!



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