Paladin BiS can be subjective. You’ll want to gear what’s best for your play style. The goal of this guide is to be a highly effective tank with minimal downtime while providing effective group support.

Offensive focuses and stats will be a lower priority in this guide, but if you want to pick up items that are considered more offensive then go for it. For example, you could swap out some HP augments for LDoN Heroic Dexterity augments.

Tanking Goals:

Improved Dodge III: Loop of Entropic Hues – Ear
Parry/Block III: Forlorn Mantle of Shadows – Shoulders
Stack the strongest available AC and HP Augments. Heroic Dexterity where it can be fit in. Swap as you please.

Melee Goals:

Cleave III (Critical Hit): Gem-Studded Band of Struggle / Mask of the Void – Ring/Mask
Ferocity III (Double Attack): Jeweled Stud of Madness (Ferocity II in this build) – Ear
Haste: Shroud of the Legion 45% – Back
Worn Attack Cap: +250 (+310/+60 overcap in this build)


Spell Goals:

Increased Buff Duration Mod %: Not included in this build
Increased Healing Mod 45%: Dark Chain Circlet – Neck
Beneficial Mana Preservation Mod 18%: Tunat’Muram’s Chestplate of Agony – Chest
Beneficial Spell Haste 30%: Hardened Scale Vambraces / Loop of Entropic Hues – Arms/Ear

Increased Cast Range 25% (for pulling): Greaves of the Tunat’Muram – Legs
Faerune: Xxeric’s Battleworn Bracer – Bracer
15 Mana Regen from Items: +18 in this build (3 overcap)


Heroic Stat Goals:

Heroic Agility – 34+ to be at 100% of Avoidance Cap (41 in this build)
Heroic Stamina – 35+ to be at 100% of Mitigation Cap (35 in this build)
Heroic Dexterity – Adds accuracy and increases proc rate (18 in this build)
Heroic Strength – Adds to Self Damage Shield (18 in this build)

**Note: Your HP/Mana/AC may be a off depending on which clickies you have from PoP and GoD. For example, you will have an additional 400 Mana Pool if you have the Eye of Dreams clicky from PoTime (this profile has it) . There are some from both PoP and GoD you’ll want to get.

Also this profile is from a live server, I compensated for the stat difference on a TLP Gates Server, but HP/Mana/AC totals may be still be slightly off.


A Paladin Clicky Item Guide can be found >> HERE <<



Slot Item Augment
Longsword of Execration
Txevu: Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
Slime-Coated Crusader’s Gem
LDoN Raid: Ritualist of Hate
Shield Aegis of Midnight
Tacvi: Pixtt Riel Tavas
Frosty Gem of Enhanced Protection
LDoN Raid: Frozen Nightmare
Ear 1 Loop of Entropic Hues
Tacvi: Zun`Muram Shaldn Boc
Blessed Shard
Yxtta: Primals
Ear 2 Jeweled Stud of Madness
Inktu’ta the Unmasked Chapel
Ashen Claystone of Aegis
Kod’Taz: Various Named
Neck Dark Chain Circlet
Txevu: Aneuk/Ixt Mobs
Black Gemstone of Suffering
BiC #14 Quest
Face Mask of the Void
Txevu: Pixtt Riel Tavas
Scarred Token of Resistance
Yxtta: Mastered Destroyer
Head Crown of the Forsaken
Txevu: Ikaav Nysf Lleiv
Opaque Sapphire of Bulwark
Kod’Taz Trash Drop
Ring 1 Ring of Organic Darkness
TacvI: Pixtt Kretv Krakxt
Ruby of Steadfastness
Txevu: Aneuk Bosses
Ring 2 Gem-Studded Band of Struggle
Txevu: Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
Unala’s Jewel of Life
LDoN Raid: Within the Compact
Wrist 1 Xxeric’s Battleworn Bracer
Tacvi: Pixtt Xxeric Kex
Gauntlet Stone of Fortitude
LDoN Raid: Folly of Miragul’s Ambition
Wrist 2 Wristband of Chaotic Warfare
Txevu: Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
Yenner’s Rock of Enhanced Protection
LDoN Raid: Prison Break
Arms Hardened Scale Vambraces
Txevu: Ancient Cragbeast Matriarch
Guardian’s Stone of Enhanced Protection
LDoN Raid: Struggles within the Progeny
Hands Gauntlets of Malicious Intent
Tacvi: Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik
Experimental Gem of Enhanced Protection
LDoN Raid: Hidden Vale of Deceit
Shoulders Forlorn Mantle of Shadows
Txevu: Mastruq Champion Event
Sapphire of Capricious Magic
Txevu: Ixt Bosses
Chest Tunat’Muram’s Chestplate of Agony
Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax
Glinting Onyx of Might
Tacvi: Pixtt Xxeric Kex
Back Shroud of the Legion
Tacvi: Zun`Muram Mordl Delt
Slime Covered Stone of Life
LDoN Raid: Ritualist of Hate
Waist Assistant Researcher’s Symbol
Discord Skin Samples Quest
Slime-Soaked Jewel
LDoN Raid: The Curse Reborn
Legs Greaves of the Tunat’Muram
Tacvi: Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax
Shimmering Granite
Tacvi: Pixtt Xxeric Kex
Feet Nightmarish Boots of Conflict
Tacvi: Zun`Muram Mordl Delt
Jewel of Focus
Qvic: Msha Bosses
Ranged Tome of New Beginnings
Tacvi Quest
Kelekdrix’s Sandstone of Fortitude
Inktu`Ta, the Unmasked Chapel
Charm Opt. 1 Intricate Wooden Figurine
PoP Progression
Adventurer’s Stone
LDoN Progression
Charm Opt. 2 Chiseled Jade Figurine
Taskmistress Krisz Quest
Adventurer’s Stone
LDoN Progression


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