Plane of Earth Traps Guide

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Flat Area Loot

A Prismatic Basilisk
Int Caster Mask
Ranger 1 HS Weapon

Calris Bristlebranch

Int Caster and Healer 2 FT Earring
PAL/SK Shield

The Living Earth

Int Caster and Healer 2 FT Ring

Tribal Leader Diseranon
Shaman Primary/Secondary/Ranged
Cold Slow Proc  1 HB

Galsinak Earthrumble
Int Caster Primary/Secondary/Ranged

A Korascian Warlord:
Int Caster and Healer Class Back
Earth Illusion Clicky

A Monstrous Earthwalker
Druid Earring

An Ancient Vekerchiki Champion
Int Caster FT 1 Ring
Monk H2H Weapon

Caves Loot:

A Pristine Gem Golem + A Shimmering Gem Sentry (drop same loot)
Wisdom Classes Mask
Rogue Dagger

A Perfect Rock Formation:
Melee/Hybrid Ranged

Tank/Zerker 2H Pierce Weapon



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