Plane of Mischief Guide

How to get around Plane of Mischief

Click on the links below for videos on how to get to each room:

Garden/Chanter 2.0


Chessboard/Alice/Upside Down

Upside Down Room (Alternate Path)

Throne Room

Dining/Black and White Room


The chart below shows what rooms to connect to what. This should help give a general idea of what path to take to your destination. This does not represent N/S/E/W. If you would like directions watch a video above.

the Mischievous Jester (PoM 2.0)

the Mischievous Jester is in PoM 2.0 (GoD+) and is the trigger for Bristlebane the King of Thieves.  Estimated 3 day respawn. He spawns in the “door” room just before the Throne room.

– Hits 1500+
– Slowable
– 200K HP

Bristlebane the King of Thieves (PoM 2.0)

Bristlebane (PoM 2.0, GoD+) spawns when the Mischievous Jester is killed. He spawns in the Throne room.

– Hits 1700+
– Level 75
– Casts Delightful Dance (Single Target, Illusion Halfling/-200 DoT, -99% Aggro, 24 Curse Cure, – 150 Chromatic Based)
– Casts Mischievous Mayhem (PBAE, -40% Spell haste, 80% Snare, 18 Curse Cure, -250 Magic Based)
– Slowable but high Magic Resist, try Disease or Cold Based also
– 750 – 800K HP

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