Plane of Mischief has two different versions on TLP severs:

v1.0:  Takes place from Velious to LDoN.
v2.0: Takes place starting in Gates of Discord. It replaces v1.0 forever once it is released.

The allure of PoMischief v1.0 loot are the Cards that drop. These cards do not drop in PoMischief v2.0. You can combine these  Cards in Deck of Spontaneous Generation  to create a wide variety of loot. Now days most of the rewards are obsolete and not worth pursuing on a TLP server, but items that are still worth getting are great. We’ll go over what those later in the guide.

The container Deck of Spontaneous Generation can still be obtained in either 1.0 or 2.0 version of the zone. The method to get this container is different in each version of the zone. Just remember if you’re already in Gates of Discord or later you will need to have had the cards already from the 1.0 version. The Cards are tradable so you may be able to get them from other players.


Deck of Spontaneous Generation – PoMischief 1.0

1) Go to Plane of Mischief and find Dinner, he is in table in the Dining room. Kill him and loot King Cod Card.

2) Go to the center of the Garden and find Ferjeneror. Give him King Cod Card to receive Deck of Spontaneous Generation (4-slot container). See a video on how to get to the middle of the garden >> HERE <<

Deck of Spontaneous Generation – PoMischief 2.0

1) Buy some Fishing Grubs from Caden Zharik ((-340, +750) Parcel vendor) in Plane of Knowledge.

2) Go to Plane of Mischief and find Clukker the Crazy. Give him Fishing Grubs to receive Deck of Spontaneous Generation (4-slot container).


Popular Card Loot Rewards

Rarity of card drops is generally as follows: Squires (most common) –> Knights –> Crowns –> Thrones (rarest). Generally, the colors seems to be random and none appear to be significantly more or less rare than another. With that said
White Crown
and White Throne were the rarest for me. White Squire was my most common. Scroll down further in the page to see drop chance information.

Items rewards that have unlimited clickies are listed below. There are additional rewards from the cards, but they are generally not worth the time on a TLP server so I didn’t include them. There’s also some class armor quests, but again they are generally not worth the time invested on a TLP server unless you want them for the memes.


Item Drop
Black Flower of Functionality
Disease Resist
Black Squire
Blue Squire
Red Squire
White Squire
Blue Flower of Functionality
Magic Resist
Black Throne
Blue Throne
Red Throne
White Throne
Green Flower of Functionality
Poison Resist
Black Knight
Blue Knight
Red Knight
White Knight
Red Flower of Functionality
Fire Resist
White Squire
White Knight
White Crown
White Throne
White Flower of Functionality
Cold Resist
Black Crown
Blue Crown
Red Crown
White Crown
Mask of the Tundra Walker
Barbarian Illusion
Black Squire
Blue Squire
Black Knight
Blue Knight
Ring of Rememberance
True North
Black Squire
Red Squire
Blue Knight
White Knight

Card Farming

Watch a YouTube Video >> HERE << to get some farming recommendations.

The following is based solely on my experience of farming cards for a few weeks in Plane of Mischief. At the end of the day I don’t have developer drop rate information so it is speculation. Cards are rare in general.

Below is my opinion of some good spots to get cards. This doesn’t mean they do not drop in other areas. They can drop in most areas of the zone, especially the lower-mid tier cards. I personally believe that Thrones only drop from the higher level mobs in the zone such as Theater event and End of Big/Small (again, speculation).

Squires: Anywhere
Knights: Garden/Hallways
Crowns: Theater Event, Garden, and Sphinx Room
Thrones: Theater Event, Alice Wing (Big/Small) — Brenn/Grenn/Glink/Glonk/Stomples. Note: The larger sized mobs in big/small wing seem to drop up to Thrones, while the smaller ones may only drop lower Tier cards.

Here is my sample size of drop rates:


Maneuvering Plane of Mischief


YouTube Videos:

Theatre Room

Chessboard/Alice (Big/Small)/Upside Down Rooms

Upside Down Room (Alternate)


Throne Room

Black and White/Dining Rooms




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