Captain Tillin


South Qeynos

Items required:

Turn in 1x Gnoll Fang at a time. They are mainly farmed in Blackburrow from gnolls. They are moderately common and NO TRADE.


Reward 1 – Experience

The video  >>>HERE <<< gives an idea of how much experience you can expect. Generally the quest is decent experience level at 1-3 but it drops off pretty quickly after that.

Testing done on Agnarr. This is the same experience rate as a new standard TLP server (aka “Mangler” starting experience rate).

**Make sure you are not in a group with anyone else in the same zone as you or experience may be split between party members.

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6

Reward 2 – Faction

Reward 3 – Moonstones

You’ll get unstackable Moonstones upon each turn-in. These are used for a secondary quest but the experience this secondary quest gives is trivial (2% at level 1). However the quest does have some faction gains/hits (not listed here). You can just destroy these if you want. See the YouTube video for details.



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