Ranger 1.5 Epic
Pre-Quest Guide


This quest will make you eligible to start the Ranger 1.5 Epic quest if you have not completed the Ranger 1.0 Epic.

Step 1

 Go to The Bloodfields and forage Blasted Stone. I got it fairly quickly (less than 10 minutes).


Step 2

1) Head to Nedaria’s Landing and locate Targen Stonefall. Give him Blasted Stone to receive Washed  Blasted Stone and an emote:

2) Say “the bloodfields” to receive Targen’s Emulsion and Sample Cloth.




Step 3

Go to The Hole and locate Stone Collector. He roams the top level of the library (see maps). He is level 60 and soloable at level 70. Kill him and loot Dusty Stone.


Step 4

1) Combine Dusty Stone and Targen’s Emulsion in Sample Cloth to create Rock of Odus

2) Combine Rock of Odus and Washed  Blasted Stone in Sample Cloth to create Closed Sample Cloth.



Step 5

Head back to Targen Stonefall in Nedaria’s Landing. Give him Closed Sample Cloth to receive Polished Blasted Stone.

 Step 6

Go to North Karana and locate Xanussus (he has 2 different models, based on era most likely). Give him Polished Blasted Stone. He will hand it back and go through some emotes. Don’t leave.

At the end of his dialogue he will give you Poem of the Storms.


Step 7

Go to Torigran Mines. You’ll need to camp for the named spawn: Taskmaster Waggad Brokenskull. Kill him and loot Taskmaster’s Cutlass.

His PH is a Broken Skull dreadguard (+1760, -900). Approx. 20.5 minute respawn time. It took me 2-3 hours for him to pop.

Step 8

Go to Misty Thicket and locate a tired farmer.

Say “storm lord”

Give him 300pp + Poem of the Storms to receive Tear-Stained Poem of Storms. He will turn into
a faithful farmer.


 Step 9

Go back to Xanussus in North Karana.

1) Equip the 3 items you have:

Taskmaster’s Cutlass – Weapon Slot (Secondary)
Tear-Stained Poem of Storms – Weapon Slot (Primary)
Polished Blasted Stone – Face Slot

2) Say “ready” to Xanussus. He will go through some dialogue.

Tainted Beast will spawn shortly after (watch tracking if it doesn’t aggro). It is level 70 and an easy kill. Kill it and loot Stone of Winde.


3) Give Stone of Winde to Xanussus. He will hand it back and emote:


 Step 10

Go to Greater Faydark and locate Merchant Tenra in Kelethin. Say a few lines of dialogue:

Say “Hail”
Say “young researcher”

 Step 11

Go to Steamfont Mountains and locate Godbin Strumharp inside the middle Windmill. Give him 30pp to receive Sound Capture Jar.



 Step 12

1) Go to Howling Stones and locate Ghost of Mera. If you don’t have Hand of Glory (Master Key) or Tallow-marked Candle (TEMP) then I recommend bringing a pick lock class to make it fast getting through the North Wing door as it is locked.

If Ghost of Mera isn’t up, you can kill an undead oblation nearby to spawn it.

2) Give Sound Capture Jar to Ghost of Mera to receive an emote:

3) Kill Ghost of Mera and loot Echoing Jar.




Step 13

Go to Erudin Palace and locate Mairee Silentone. She’s on the bottom floor behind the safe vault of Sothure’s FINE GEMS.

Give her Echoing Jar and Stone of Winde.

You’ll receive:

Ranger 1.5 Epic Pre-Quest Complete!


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