Ranger 2.0 Epic Guide
Aurora, the Heartwood Blade


To begin this quest you must have completed the Ranger 1.5 Epic quest.

Pre-Farmable Steps:

Step 6 – Farm Living Fragments of Fire/Water/Air/Earth from PoP Elemental zones (see step for details)
Step 10 – Loot Globe of Discordant Energy from Anguish

Step 1

Go to Nedaria’s Landing and locate a Wayfarers Brotherhood officer (+500, +1450). “Hail” her to receive emote:


Step 2

Go to Nobles’ Causeway and locate Siflu. He spawns when you get near him at +250, +650. See map. He will attack. You should be able to solo him. Damage him down to low HP and he will stop attacking. Say “adventures” to him to receive Heated Loadstone.

Step 3

Go to Wall of Slaughter with a small group and head towards the Red Circle on the map. When you get close a few mobs spawn.

a mangled muramite captain
2x aged ukun

**You may want to pre-clear any trash in the area before getting too close and spawning him.**

Kill it and loot Traveler’s Journal and Spirit Manacles.


Step 4

Go back to Nedaria’s Landing and locate a Wayfarers Brotherhood officer (+500, +1450). Give her
Traveler’s Journal to receive emote:


Step 5

Go to Torgiran Mines and loot Crooked Cage (6-slot container) off trash mobs. Most commonly drops from a Broken Skull bruiser — although it is still an uncommon drop. They are in the south end of the zone (see map). May also drop from a delirious miner, although I have not personally seen this.

Step 6

Now you will need to loot Living Fragments of Fire/Water/Earth/Air from Plane of Fire/Water/Earth/Air. They drop from mephit type mobs from their respective zones. Which fragments you need depends on whether you did the 1.0 Epic or did the 1.5 Pre-Quest. Uncommon Drop.

Combine the following into Crooked Cage (6-slot container) to create Spirit Cage (2-slot container):

Option 1) If you have the 1.0 Epic:

Living Fragment of Fire
Living Fragment of Water
Heated Loadstone
Spirit Manacles

Earthcaller and Swiftwind will be returned upon combine.

Option 2) If you did the 1.5 Pre-Quest:

Living Fragment of Fire
 Living Fragment of Water
Living Fragment of Earth
Living Fragment of Air
Heated Loadstone
Spirit Manacles

Step 7

Go to Riftseekers’ Sanctum with a raid. Go to the Red Circle on the Fire side of the zone. When you get close Craftmaster Tieranu will spawn. Some adds spawn during the fight. You can kill them as they spawn. Kill him and loot Ring of Warmth.

Craftmaster Tieranu is Permarooted
Hits 2100+
Adds cast Heatwave (PBAE, 1500 DD, Fire Based)


Step 8

Go to Wall of Slaughter with a raid and locate Herrian Warfrost. He will spawn as you get close to the Red Circle. Kill him and loot Hoarfrost Wand.

– Casts Winter’s Freeze (NPC Hatelist, 1500 DD, Cold Based)
– Casts Hoarfrost (Single Target, 20 second stun, Magic Based, -1000 Resist)
– Hits 2500+
– Flurries
– High HP
– Fire Lands well
– Weak adds spawn during the fight. You can pre-kill the girplans that spawn initially.
– Permarooted


Step 9

Combine Ring of Warmth and Hoarfrost Wand inside Spirit Cage (2-slot container) to create
Elemental Ice Spirit Cage (1-slot container).


Step 10

Raid Anguish and obtain a  Globe of Discordant Energy.

Drops from the following events:

Keldovan the Harrier/Jelvan (only one of the two based on who you kill last)
Warden Hanvar/Ture (only one of the two based on who you kill last)

Arch Magus Vangl
Overlord Mata Muram

Step 11

1) Zone into Anguish (if not there already). Combine  Globe of Discordant Energy into Elemental Ice Spirit Cage (1-slot container). This will spawn Oshimai Spirit of the High Air. You’ll get back both items.

2) Give Oshimai Spirit of the High Air:

 Globe of Discordant Energy
Elemental Ice Spirit Cage (1-slot container)
1.5 Epic: Heartwood Blade

to receive your 2.0 Epic: Aurora, the Heartwood Blade!




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