Rogue 1.0 Epic: Ragebringer

Before going through any quest dialogue, there are a few items to pre-farm. You can right click any map to enlarge it.

 1. Stained Parchment Top

You will need pick pocketing skill to obtain this. There isn’t a minimum skill level required, but the higher the better. Mine was around 190. I’d recommend having 150 or over to avoid the headache of too many fails

– Head to North Kaladim and pickpocket the dwarf (Rogue Guildmaster) Founy Jestands until you receive
Stained Parchment Top.
He will not always have it on him so your strategy here is going to be to pickpocket him until you get roughly 20 fails in a row (assuming your skill is high). Usually you’ll get platinum/gold and some other miscellaneous items. Once you think he has no more items on him, come back an hour or two later and repeat the process until you get Stained Parchment Top.

If he aggros on you, just zone over into South Kaladim. He supposedly re-spawns once a day (in game time), but I have not verified the exact time at which this happens.  Also, if you are an evil race, it’s helpful to have an illusion mask for a good race so you aren’t KoS. Uncommon Drop.



 2. Stained Parchment Bottom

You will need to pick pocket Stained Parchment Bottom as well. Again I recommend at least 150 pick pocketing skill. It can be pick pocketed off of Tani N`Mar (Rogue Guildmaster) in Neriak Third Gate. You can use the “Find” feature to locate him.

– The same strategy applies here. Pickpocket him until you feel he has nothing left, then come back an hour or two later and repeat the process until you get Stained Parchment Bottom. I personally saw him re-spawn at 7pm gametime, so that would be a good time to come back. If he aggros be ready for a long run back to the zone in. I recommend standing on the steps behind him while pick pocketing. Having a Dark Elf illusion mask is benefical here as well if you are KoS to Dark Elves. Uncommon Drop.

 3. Book of Souls


Book of Souls can be found in Plane of Hate. It is a ground spawn at +171, -326 on top of a dresser. Roughly 10 hour re-spawn. You can sneak/hide to it. SoS is not required. The building it’s in is directly across from the Maestro Castle front entrance.


4. 2x Bottle of Milk

Buy 2x Bottle of Milk from any Baking Vendor – (Klen Ironstove, Eastern Trade Building, PoK | Loc: -84, +239). Don’t drink them!


5. Quest Dialogue

Now we can begin the quest dialogue. Head to Highpass Hold and speak to Anson McBale. He is in a hidden area of the zone that is only accessible by an underwater tunnel (See Map). He is also not always up and may need to be spawned. His PH is a specific a smuggler located at +34, +327. Anson McBale spawns approx 13.5 min after the PH is killed. It may take a few PH’s to spawn him.




– Say “I need to see Stanos” to  Anson McBale to spawn Stanos Herkanor. Give Stanos Herkanor Stained Parchment Top and Stained Parchment Bottom to receive   Combined Parchment.


– Head to Lake Rathetear and find Eldreth (+2621, -556). Give him Combined Parchment, 2x Bottle of Milk, and
100pp to receive Scribbled Parchment. 6 hour respawn.



– Head to Steamfont Mountains and find Yendar Starpyre, who roams all over the zone the zone. A tracker would help.

– Give Yendar Starpyre Scribbled Parchment to receive Tattered Parchment.

– Next give Yendar Starpyre the  Book of Souls along with the Tattered Parchment you just got. This depawns Yendar Starpyre and spawns Renux Herkanor (level 50). I soloed her as a 65 warrior without an issue. Loot Jagged Diamond Dagger and Translated Parchment.



– Head back to Highpass Hold and give  Translated Parchment to Stanos Herkanor to receive Sealed BoxSay “I need to see Stanos” to  Anson McBale if Stanos Herkanor is not already up.

– Go to Kithicor Forest. Give the Sealed Box to any of the Dark Elves at the Cabin Ruins to spawn General V`ghera. These mobs only spawn at night. He hits fairly fast and everything in the cabin will assist when he’s pulled. It’s best to have a geared team and/or a puller to split the General (at level 65).  I was able to duo him and his adds with a level 65 Time Geared Cleric/Warrior Combo, but if you want to play it safe bring more. 2-4 groups might be better pre-65 depending on how geared everyone is.

Once he’s dead, loot General’s Pouch. General V`ghera also has a small chance to drop Cazic Quill, which one of the 3 items required for the final turn-in. If he does drop the Quill, you can skip Step 6 because you’re ready for your final turn-in. Normally he won’t, so you will need to finish one more task.

6. Cazic Quill

Gather the 4 robes below:

1. Robe of the Kedge – Drops from:

A. Phinigel Autropos
in Kedge Keep 12 hour respawn. Can spawn via DZ also. Uncommon Drop.

B. Advisor C`zatl
in Kithicor Forest (Dark Elf Ruins where General V`ghera is spawned) – Uncommon Drop

C. Coercer Q`ioul
in Kithicor Forest (Dark Elf Ruins where General V`ghera is spawned)Uncommon Drop


2. Robe of the Ishva (Tradable, check the Bazaar) – Drops from:

A. The Ishva Mal in South Karana – Roams. PH is a Ishva Lteth gnoll. Tracker Recommended. Common Drop.

B. Coercer Q`ioul in Kithicor Forest (Dark Elf Ruins where General V`ghera is spawned)Uncommon Drop


3. Shining Metallic Robe (Tradable, check the Bazaar) Drops from: 

A. the ghoul arch magus in Lower Guk (undead side) – PH is a kor ghoul wizard. Uncommon Drop.

B. Yendar Starpyre in Steamfont Mountains – Common Drop. Requires strong group or small raid force.

 the ghoul arch magus Map


4. Robe of the Oracle (Tradable, check the Bazaar) Drops from:

A. Oracle of K`Arnon in Ocean of Tears. Always Drops. Easy solo kill, level 40.


5. Turn in the robes.

– Head to West Karana and find Vilnius the Small. He is a Barbarian on a small hill that spawns at night. a brigand takes his place during the day. You do not need to kill the brigand. It will despawn at night and Vilnius the Small will take his place a few (in game) hours later.


 Give Vilnius the Small  Robe of the Kedge Robe of the Ishva Shining Metallic Robe Robe of the Oracle to receive Cazic Quill.

7.  Ragebringer!

Go back to Highpass Hold and spawn Stanos Herkanor for a final time. Give him your Cazic Quill, General’s Pouch, and Jagged Diamond Dagger to receive Ragebringer!