Rogue 1.5 Epic
Pre-Quest Guide

This quest will make you eligible to start the Rogue 1.5 Epic quest if you have not completed the 1.0 Epic.

Step 1

1) Head to Highpass Hold and locate a shady Highpass Citizen.

2) Follow his dialogue. Full dialogue HERE.

Say “one”
Say “two”
Say “three”, upon saying “three” you’ll receive
Sealed Silver Package.

3) Buy Gold-Leafed Urn from him for approx. 2100pp. He only carries one at a time, so if he is doesn’t have it in stock you’ll need to come back later. It might take an hour or two (guess)




Step 2

1) Go to High Keep and locate Dealer Maeline. She is on the 2nd floor (see maps).


 2) Give her Gold-Leafed Urn. You’ll want to follow a series of emotes. You’ll have the option to say either “deal you a hand” or “cash out”.

Keep saying “deal you a hand” until you reach 1900 chips. You’ll also see the guard speaking about dinner to the nobles. At this point you can say “cash out”. See screenshot below.

You’ll see emote the below indicating you won. You’ll also get 1900pp back!

**Note: I have also seen this work at 2000 chips, so it’s possible another amounts may work as well, but this is what worked for me.**



Step 3

Go to Shar Vahl and locate a prisoner.  She is in  a room on the opposite side of Warrior Guildmaster room. See maps below for guidance. Turn Height Filter ON so you are only looking at one floor at a time.

Follow her dialogue:
Say “Hail”
Say “where to find the keys”
Say “do you understand”



Step 4

1) Go to Katta Castellum. Locate Guard Lennon. Pick Pocket Shar Vahl Cell Key from him. I had 280 Skill. You don’t need this high, but I am not sure of the minimum skill required.

2) While still in Katta Castellum locate Guard Zimmer. See map for location. He is behind a fake wall. He is exceptionally vulnerable to Backstabs. Backstab him out of stealth to 1 shot him.

Loot Rough-Hewn Shackle Key.


Step 5

Go to Shar Vahl again and back to the prison area. Go to the cell NEXT to a prisoner that you spoke to earlier (see bottom map), open the prison door with Shar Vahl Cell Key. The door will open and a human NPC, a prisoner, will spawn inside.

Give Rough-Hewn Shackle Key to a prisoner to receive emote:

Step 6

1) You will need the Sealed Silver Package you got in Step 1 to complete this.

2) Once you have Sealed Silver Package, zone into North Qeynos. When zone in, you’ll be placed on the very north east near the Qeynos Hills zone line.

3) Make your way to Crow’s Tavern while Stealth/Shroud of Stealth. You are looking for Crow himself. There will be Elite Guards running around that see through Shroud of Stealth, so you’ll need to avoid/stay behind them. They hit for 9000+ so if they see you you’re basically dead in era.

Note: If you die Sealed Silver Package will disappear and you’ll have to get another one in Highpass Hold.


4) Give Crow Sealed Silver Package to receive emote:

Some Tips:

#1: Use FIND to get an easily findable Path to Crow. This is just for directions, you’ll still need to avoid the Elite guards.

#2: You can have other players train the Elite Guards away if they are able to do it without getting hit (Harmshield/Divine Barrier type spells help). Other players are not KoS by default to the Elite guards.

#3: A Mage can Call of Hero you straight to Crow. Highly recommended to save the headache!

#4: A Wizard (if they have Teleport Bind AA in later expansions) can bind at Crow and port you to him. Guards roam into his room so be careful. Highly recommended to save the headache!


Step 7

Go back to Highpass Hold and locate a shady Highpass Citizen.

Say “done” to receive an emote:

Rogue 1.5 Pre-Quest Complete!


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