Use this guide as a tool to help yourself decide on how you want to gear. Clickies are not included. For Clicky information check out the Rogue Clicky Page.  

In PoP we want: 5% Overhaste, 45% Haste, +250 Attack from items, as much Heroic Dexterity/Strength as possible, +Backstab (both additive and skill %) mods, Heroic Stamina/Agility, and HP .

Below are estimated stats you can expect:

This character doesn’t have any +stat AA clickies (Attack/Mana/HP/Regen/Resists, etc) clicked, so if you have any of those add them onto this profile to estimate your stats. HP from out of era AA has already been adjusted for.


Slot Item Drop Location
Jagged Timeforaged Blade
BiS/+2 Heroic Dex
PoTime: Innoruuk
Hammer of the Timeweaver

Edge of Eternity

PoTime: Quarm

PoTime: Saryrn

Silver Hoop of Speed
5% Overhaste//4 Heroic Dex

Earring of Xaoth Kor
+2 Heroic Dex

PoTime: Quarm

PoTime: Phase 3 Golems

Neck Talisman of Vah Kerrath
+6 Heroic Strength
Vex Thal: Aten Ha Ra Quest
Face Mask of Strategic Insight
+3 Heroic Dex
PoTime: Tier 3 Golems
Head Coif of Flowing Time
+20 Attack
PoTime: Terris Thule
Band of Prismatic Focus
3 Heroic Dex / +15 Attack

Ring of Force
+15 Attack

PoTime: Tallon Zek

PoTime: Tier 1

Wrists Bracer of the Inferno
+3 Heroic Dex

Bracer of Precision
+20 Attack

PoTime: Quarm

PoTime: Tallon Zek

Temporal Chainmail Sleeves
+25 Attack
PoTime: Vallon Zek
Hands Gloves of Airy Mists
+30 Attack

Padded Tigerskin Gloves
+25 Attack (Good Alternate)

PoTime: Innoruuk

PoTime: Cazic Thule

Shoulders Mantle of Deadly Precision
+3 Heroic Dex/+20 Attack
PoTime: Tallon Zek
Chest Bidilis’ Hauberk of the Elusive
+3 Heroic Dex//+20 Backstab
PoTime: Innoruuk/Quarm (Chain Pattern)
Back Shroud of Eternity
+4 Heroic Strength
PoTime: Quarm
Waist Cord of Temporal Weavings
+35 Attack
PoTime: Quarm
Legs Leggings of Furious Might
+20 Attack
PoTime: Bertoxxulous
Feet Winged Storm Boots
PoTime: Tallon Zek
Ranged Shuriken of Eternity
BiS overall, 250 Range, +25 Attack (Drops as Ton Po’s Mystical Pouch)

Stone of Flowing Time
+50 Attack/BiS Stats

PoTime: Rallos Zek

PoTime: Quarm

Charm Intricate Wooden Figurine
PoP Progression

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