Rewards: Chronobines, Iksar Left Lower Leg Bones, Experience, Faction

Step 1

To obtain this task say “young” to Phara Dar in Field of Scale. You’ll also receive Sokokar Cage.

Step 2

1) Zone into Kaesora Hatchery.


Locate a sokobar broodling and kill it. It roams between the 3 most western rooms. Right click Sokokar Cage on its corpse to receive Caged Sokokar Broodling and an update.

3) Kill any iksar-type mob in Kaesora Hatchery and loot 10x Sokokar Snacks. They are fairly common. Give them to Phara Dar in Field of Scale to receive an update.

Also give Caged Sokokar Broodling to Phara Dar to complete the Task.

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