Rewards: Chronobines, Iksar Right Foot Bones , Experience, Faction

Step 1

1) To obtain this task say “seek” to Gorenaire in Field of Scale.

2) zone into Kaesora Library

Step 2

Kill an Imperial sentry  throughout Kaesora Library. Eventually one will morph into a dark sentry (this can be somewhat rare, so you may have to kill many). Kill a dark sentry and loot Thin Notebook.

Note: a dark ritualist is also reported to morph into a dark sentry, but I did not see this personally.

Step 3

Give Thin Notebook to Gorenaire in Field of Scale for an update. He will hand it back. Keep it.

Step 4

In Field of Scale kill a A Sebilisian bloodclaw/commander/crusader/hierophant/lich until Imperial Ring of Office drops. You can find a lot of these mobs near Kurn’s Tower. Any of these mobs can drop it. Common drop. Loot it and right click it for an update. This “unlocks” the book we kept from Step 3.

Step 5

Go back to Kaesora Library and locate a librarian. Kill it and loot Dark Notations for an update. Always drops. The easiest spot to find a librarian is in the southern most room.

Step 7

Give Thin Notebook to Gorenaire in Field of Scale for an update.


Step 8

Give  Dark Notations to Gorenaire in Field of Scale to complete the Task.


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