Rewards: Chronobines, Iksar Skull, Experience, Faction

Step 1

To obtain this group task say “will” to Talendor in Field of Scale, then head to the Kaesora Hatchery.

Step 2

1) Loot 6x Sebilisian Legacy  off of an imperial bloodkeeper. 1 or 2 can drop at a time. an imperial bloodkeper can spawn in different rooms, mostly on the west side.

2) Around the zone you’ll see blue and white eggs. They don’t appear to be clickable, but you’ll want to click every one that you see. Eventually clicking one will give you an update. In order to click on an egg, both the room needs to be clear of mobs, and you cannot be invisible. Find 6 of these eggs. Map below shows where I found some of mine. These can be kind of rare, and may take a while in era since you will need to clear mobs.

Step 3

1) On the bar-style counter in the middle room you’ll see tiny a book. Click on it to receive Legacy Log (6-slot container). This item is NO TRADE. whoever looted 6x Sebilisian Legacy should pick up Legacy Log.

2) Combine 6x Sebilisian Legacy into Legacy Log (6-slot container) to get a task update. You won’t get anything back.


Step 4

Go back and Hail Talendor in Field of Scale to complete the Task.

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