Rewards: Chronobines, Experience, Faction

Step 1

Say “aid” to Kerrin the Unkempt in Oceangreen Hills to obtain this task. She at the very north end of the zone in the caves. You’ll also receive Stone Vial (4-slot container).

Note: If doing Bayle’s Heraldic Crest augment quest, you’ll need to do this task as 1 of 2 pre-requirements for the task Stop the Spreading (GUIDE HERE). This quest doesn’t give a Crest piece, but Stop the Spreading does.

Step 2

1) You’ll need to forage, or have someone forage the following for you:

4x Maggot – foraged in Oceangreen Hills/Village, Temple of Bertoxxulous. Temple of Bertoxxulous recommended. THIS IS FOOD, DON’T EAT ME!
1x Oceangreen Wheatgrass – foraged in Oceangreen Hills/Village. THIS IS FOOD, DON’T EAT ME!
1x Pinecone – foraged in Oceangreen Hills/Village

It took me about 30 minutes to get all items using 2 high level foragers.

2) Once you have all of the materials combine them into Stone Vial (4-slot container)

– First Combine 4x Maggots to create  Mild Maggot Acid.

– Next combine Mild Maggot Acid, 1x Oceangreen Wheatgrass, 1x Pinecone to create Vial of Curative Elixir (10 charges). This will give you a task update.

Step 3

Go to the lake area and right click Vial of Curative Elixer (10 charges) on the mobs there. a desiccated treeling, a tottering treant, a blackbriar. You’ll occasionally get a task update. You’ll get an emote immediately upon click, and another one shortly after. Makes sure you wait for the second emote before killing the mob or you won’t get a task update at all. You only have 10 charges and if you run out you have to make the Elixir again, so be patient and don’t kill too fast. Sometimes the click will straight out fail as well.

1st yellow text is initial emote, 2nd yellow text is text you need to wait for before killing the mob off.

Fail Emote

Step 4

Hail Kerrin the Unkempt in Oceangreen Hills to complete the Task.

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