Rewards: Chronobines, Crest Keep Frame, Experience, Faction

Step 1

Say “plague” to Tabron Caulria in Oceangreen Hills to obtain this task. He is inside the town in the northeast. You must have completed Does This Look Infected? to request this task. You’ll also receive Tabron’s Remedy Bag (6-slot container).

Step 2

Collect 4 items in Oceangreen Hills:

Blackened Deathcap Drops from all rats and fire beetle type mobs (infected and non-infected). These roam the zone. May drop off of other mobs as well. Also ground spawn near the lake in the northwest and in various spots on the west side of the zone. Common Drop.

Snake Venom GlandDrops off a king snake and an infected king snake. These roam the zone. Common drop.

Fetid Flesh
– Drops off of “zombie type” mobs most commonly. a pustulant cadaver/a zombie bombardier. These can be found in mass quantities just outside of the town.

Reanimated Bone DustDrops off a putrid skeleton/a skeleton. These are a bit more rare and a tracker is recommended to help locate them. Uncommon Drop. Also drops off an undead solder in Oceangreen Village (see map).


Step 3

 Combine the items you farmed in Tabron’s Remedy Bag (6-slot container) to create Tabron’s Remedy (10 charges) and to receive a task update.


Step 4

Click your Tabron’s Remedy (10 charges) on any “infected” type mob in Oceangreen Hills.


Step 5

Hail Tabron Caulria in Oceangreen Hills to complete the Task.

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