Rewards: Chronobines, Crest Keep Tower Frame, Experience, Faction

Step 1

Say “plague” to Tabron Caulria in Oceangreen Hills to obtain this task. You must have completing Salving Grace to request this task.

Step 2

Locate Morris Olberson in Oceangreen Village. Say “tabron sent me” for an update. You’ll also receive Tabron’s Vial Pouch (4-slot container) with 4x Empty Vials inside.

Step 3

You’ll need to right click each of the Empty Vials in 4 locations. 2 in Oceangreen Village, and 2 in Oceangreen Hills. See map. This will “fill” each vial with their respective water location.


Step 4

Give Tabron Caulria the 4x Filled Vials to complete the task.


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