Rewards: Chronobines, Crest Lower Field Plate, Experience, Faction

Step 1

Say “can get” to Viktor Snowborn in Oceangreen Village to obtain this task. He will roam between the main town and the ruins to the east.

Step 2

1) Loot 1x Fine Bear Skin. Drops from a brown bear in Oceangreen Village. Rare drop.

2) Loot  3x Wolf Whiskers. Drops from wolf-type mobs in Oceangreen Village. Uncommon drop.

3) Loot 4x Wild Blueberry Branch. Drops from rat-type mobs in Oceangreen Village. Common drop.

4) Loot 4x Wild Bloodberry Branch. Drops from rat-type mobs in Oceangreen Village. Common drop.


 Once you have all the items give them to Garvin Windrunner in Oceangreen Hills to complete the task.

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