Rewards: 30 Chronobines, Timeshear Purple Fragment Deda, Faction

Locate Raxtor Darkpaw in Oceangreen Hills (see map). You can use “FIND” to locate him. Say “yes” to receive the group mission Freedom! You will need to have completed the 3 Blackburrow Solo Tasks to request this mission.

Step 1) 

Zone into Blackburrow and Grand Mystic Kegrak. You  can find him roaming near the water below the first major ramp. Kill him and loot Orders from Grohlok the Tyrant.

Hits approx. 2,200 and 160K HP.



Step 2) 

Further inside you’ll see a captured darkpaw pup being guarded by an enraged gnoll slaver. Kill the an enraged gnoll slaver’s to free the pups and receive updates. Marked on the map are rooms with a lot of them in the same room (3 in one and 6 in another). You may also find ones spread out throughout the zone, but it is receommned to go to the area marked on the map as the next step is there too.

Step 3)

Nearby will be Grohlok the Tyrant. If you try to go directly into his room you’ll get punted back a bit. Wait for him to path out and you’ll be able to engage. Kill him to receive the update.

Hits approx. 2,400, 190K HP, and spawns adds during the fight. He will “deactivate” until the adds are killed.


Step 4) 

Head back to Raxtor Darkpaw in Oceangreen Hills (see map). Hail him to complete the mission.

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