Rewards: 45 Chronobines, Timeshear Purple Fragment Ena, Faction

Locate Raxtor Darkpaw in Oceangreen Hills (see map). You can use “FIND” to locate him. Say “help” to receive the group mission Beat the Blackburrow Boss You will need to have completed the 3 Blackburrow Solo Tasks and the group Mission Freedom! to request this mission.

Step 1) 

Zone into Blackburrow.


Step 2) 

Locate and kill a burly guard for an update (see map). Clear trash mobs long the way and loot a Blackburrow Runestone. They seem to drop off mobs with “gnarl” in their name. Common Drop. This will be used in Step 3.

Step 3)

Where the burly guard stands in Step 2 you’ll notice there is a “ward” that prevents you from going further into the room. Get near the ward and click your Blackburrow Runestone to remove it. Save the Blackburrow Runestone because we’ll need it again at the end of the mission.


Step 4) 

Inside the room you’ll find Clan Chief Vel`tix and 2 adds. They all leash to the room so you’ll want to fight them inside. Get him to low HP and his HP will freeze. You can then speak to him and he will give you Vel`tix’s Key. He has around 140K HP and hits for 1800’s.

Step 5) 

 Head back to the lake area and locate the locked door. Use Vel`tix’s Key to open it. Walk in a little bit to get the update. Keep the key, we’ll need it at the end of the mission.

Step 6)

Inside the room is Gnarl Sawbones  Brankt. Kill it for an update. 150K HP. Hits approx 2,000. Once he is dead leave the room ASAP or big groups of a gnarl legionnaire adds will spawn on you and you cannot attack them back.

Step 7) 

Head back to Raxtor Darkpaw in Oceangreen Hills. Give him your Blackburrow Runestone.

Step 8) 

Give Raxtor Darkpaw your Vel`tix’s Key to complete the mission.

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