Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Blue Fragment Azia, Faction

Step 1

I was able to request this mission at Amiable faction with Dragorn Forces, but you should be able to request it at Indifferent. To get faction you can kill kyv/ukun/noc/ikaav/dragorn muramite type mobs in Old Bloodfields or City of Dranik. If you don’t have the faction someone can request it for you.

Step 2

Locate Yemall the Arcane in City of Dranik (You can zone in from Old Bloodfields) Say “willing” to receive the mission Studying the Portal. You’ll also receive Epositrig.

You will need at least 3 people in the group to have Epositrig. The person requesting the mission will get one automatically. The other party members will need to say “provide” to Yemall the Arcane to receive one.



Step 3

To find the “portal area” you’ll first need to find the instance zone-in. Go back to Old Bloodfields and in the southwest you’ll find the zone-in.

As soon as you zone in on the right you’ll see gelidran/pyrilen-type mobs up on a platform. Run up to get the update. Be invisible as they are KoS.



Step 4

Once inside you’ll want to find a setup spot away from the zone in. I set up in the north middle of the zone. To get the “capture” updates, you’ll need to pull the appropriate mob type, DPS it down to sub 30% HP, then 3 people will need to click their Epositrig on the mob at the same time. Doing so successfully will give an emote and a task update. Repeat this until all objectives are filled.


Step 5

Once all the mobs are “captured”, 4 ambusher mobs spawn at the zone in. Kill them to receive an update.

Step 6

Hail Yemall the Arcane in City of Dranik to complete the mission.

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