Spell focus items become active in Luclin. Shaman, who can play the role of both healers and DPS, need many focuses. There are more focuses than just the ones on this guide. Focus Items do not stack, the highest one takes effect. This build may have overlaps, which is just a coincidence.

We will want the following focuses:

– Improved Casting Range 20%

– Increased Healing 23%

– Increased Buff Duration 20%

– Increased Spell Haste: Detrimental 20% // DoT 33% // Beneficial 30%

– Increased Damage: Direct Damage (Cold) 26% // DoT 20%

– Mana Preservation: All spells 18% // DoTs: 30%

– Any additional “skill mods” we can get. An example is the Brilliance or Ro mod, which reduces our chance to fizzle.

**Note: Damage, Mana Preservation, and Healing focuses have an “up to” modifier. For example: If you see +20% Improved Damage referenced in this guide, it means your spell damage will do anywhere between 1-20% increased damage.

Shaman Goals:

1) Focus Items

2) +15 Mana Regen from items (Flowing Thought).

3) Maxing Wisdom/Stamina.

4) Obtaining as much Mana and HP as possible, with Mana as the tie breaker.

5) Shield Item for additional AC.

Below are the approximate stats you can expect:

This character doesn’t have any +stat AA clickies (Mana/HP/Regen/Resists, etc) clicked, so if you have any of those add them onto this profile to estimate your stats.

Slot Item Drop Location
Staff of Lost Rituals
1-20% increased DoT Damage
Vex Thal: Diabo Xi Va
Aegis of Judgment
+20 Effective Cast Level
Vex Thal: Aten Ha Ra
Lightbringers Earring
+20% Detrimental Spell Haste

Umbracite Hoop
+1-26% Cold DD

Vex Thal: Diabo Xi Va Termariel

Vex Thal: Va Xi Aten Ha Ra

Neck Talisman of Vah Kerrath
+8 Mana/HP Regen, 6 DS
Vex Thal: Aten Ha Ra Quest
Face Mask of Judgment
1-18% Mana Preservation (All spells)
Vex Thal: Aten Ha Ra
Head Crown of Energy
Stat Option/+20 Effective Cast Level (overlaps with Shield)

Crown of Ambivalence
+15% Buff Duration (Also see Shoulder for 20% Option)

Vex Thal: Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (North Blob)

Vex Thal: Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (North Blob)

Starred Yttrium Ring
+5 Mana Regen

Crimson Ring of Judgment

Lord Inquisitor Seru

Vex Thal: Aten Ha Ra

Wrists Wristband of Judgment
+20% Spell Range

Bracelet of Darkness
1-30% DoT Mana Preservation

Vex Thal: Aten Ha Ra

Vex Thal: Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (South Blob)

Armguard of Piety
Option 1
Vex Thal: Diabo Xi Va Temariel
Hands Do`Vassir’s Gauntlets of Might
Option 1

Circle of Smoke
Option 2

Rune of Judgment
Option 3

Temple of Veeshan: Vulak`Aerr

Ssraeshza Temple: Vyzh`dra the Cursed

Vex Thal: Diabo Xi Va

Shoulders Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl
+20% Buff Duration Option (Also see Head for 15% Option)

Twilight Shroud
Stat Option

Velious Shawl Quest

Vex Thal: Diabo Xi Va Temariel

Chest Mail of Judgment
BiS Stats: +7 Mana Regen

Lunar Fungus Covered Tunic
Option 2: +15 HP Regen

Vex Thal: Aten Ha Ra

Vex Thal: Va Xi Aten Ha Ra

Back Splinted Grimlinghide Cloak
BiS: +20% Healing
Khati Sha Event (a spiritual arcanist)
Waist Girdle of Magnificence
33% DoT Spell Haste
Katta Castellum: Lcea Katta
Legs Nightcaller Leggings
BiS: +30% Beneficial Spell Haste
Vex Thal: Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra (South Blob)
Feet Velvet Slippers of Harmony
+4 Mana Regen
Ssraeshza Temple: Emperor Ssraeshza
Ranged Torch of Judgment
+6 Mana Regen/+5% Evocation Skill
Vex Thal: Aten Ha Ra

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