Shaman Clicky Item Guide

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This list contains some of the most useful and/or class defining items that will improve quality of life. Keep in mind not all clickies are included. Some are more useful than others. Get what works for you.

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Journeyman’s Boots
Run Speed Buff – Journeyman’s Boots Quest

Regent Symbol of Innoruuk (SHM/TRL – Innoruuk Deity Only)
– Neriak Third Gate Quest – Innoruuk Regent

Shield of the Immaculate
Cure Disease
– PoHate – Lord of Ire (Classic-PoP), an eerie chest (LDoN+)

Vermilion Sky Ring
Feign Death (2 charges – rechargable) – PoSky Quest – Shaman Test of the Snake


Black Fur Boots
Instant Spirit of Wolf (Self-Only)
– Shaman 1.0 Epic Quest

Defender of the Faithful Heart
Primal Essence (+20 Melee Stats, can cast on level 1)
– Quest – Dithgar’s Defender

Earring of Cleansing
Counteract Poison
– Chardok – An Iksar Trustee

Earring of Purity
Counteract Disease
– Chardok – An Iksar Trustee

Fungus Covered Great Staff
– Old Sebilis – myconid spore king (King’s Court Casino Later – GoD)

Hammer of the Dragonborn
Primal Essence (+20 Melee Stats) – Veeshan’s Peak – Silverwing

Jaundiced Kunark Class Set
Various Clickes – see screenshot – Old Sebilis and Karnor’s Castle — see screenshot

Ring of Stealthy Travel
Gather Shadows (Self-Invis) – Chardok – Interrogator Gi`mok

Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring
Instant Attack Buff – Warsliks Woods – Grachnist the Destroyer

Spear of Fate
Curse of the Spirits (DoT) – Shaman 1.0 Epic Quest


Flowers of Functionality
+50 Resist – 1.0 Plane of Mischief Card Quest

Polymorph Wand: Forest Fairy
Levitate – Daybreak Store (Illusions) – 750 Points (shows up sometime between Velious and PoP)

Wolf Caller Set (Velious Class Armor)
+50 Stamina Buff, Abolish Disease, +52 Agility Buff – Velious Class Armor (Thurgadin, Kael, Skyshine, BP from Tunare also)


Amulet of the Pure Heart
Counteract Poison – Katta Castellum – Lcea Katta

Armguard of Piety
Abolish Poison – Vex Thal – Diabo Xi Va Temariel

Attuned Spire Shard
Gate to Dreadlands – Grieg’s End – Grieg Veneficus

Bone of Bertoxxulous
Disease DoT – Ssraeshza Temple – High Priest of Ssraeshza

Circle of Smoke
Gate – Ssraeshza Temple – Vyzh`dra the Cursed

Crimson Ring of Judgment
+250 Max Mana (AA Grant) – Vex Thal – Aten Ha Ra

Hoop of Emptiness
2x Dispel – Ssraeshza Temple – Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune

Gloves of Warding
+50 Magic Resist – Vex Thal – Thall Va Kelu

Jade Skull Ring
2x Dispel – Ssraeshza Temple – Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune/Vyzh`dra the Exiled

Pendant of Malosini
Malosini – Vex Thal – Diabo Xi Xin

Ring of Immobilization
Root – Vex Thal – Diabo Xi Va

Shawl of Awakenings
+5 Mana Regen (AA Grant)
– Ssraeshza Temple – Emperor Ssraeshza

Shroud of Emerald Vines
Counteract Poison – Ssraeshza Temple – High Priest of Ssraeshza

Talisman of the Burrower
+2 Mana Regen (AA Grant)
– Acrylia Caverns – an evolved burrower

Torque of the Wyrmlord
300 HP, 30 STAM, 20 CHA (Doesn’t stack with Brells/Strength of Tunare Line)
– Ssraeshza Temple – Emperor Ssraeshza

Twilight Shroud
+2 Mana Regen (AA Grant) – Vex Thal – Diabo Xi Va

Umbracite Swarm Orb
Group Shrink and 15% Alchemy Mod
– Vex Thal – Diabo Xi Va Temariel

Planes of Power


Bangle of Disease Warding
Resist Disease (Instant-cast) – PoDisease – Grimror Plaguebringer (CoD Alt Access Quest)

Blackflame Sphere
Remove Greater Curse – Plane of Fire – Pyronis

Celestial Cloak
+5 Mana Regen (AA Grant)
Plane of Time – Bertoxxulous

Defender of the Ancestral Spirit

Immobilize (Root)
– PoAir – Chamberlain Escalardian

Eye of Dreams
+400 Max Mana (AA Grant)
Plane of Time – Bertoxxulous

Shawl of Eternal Forces
+8 Mana Regen (AA Grant)
– Plane of Time – Quarm

Phoenix Claw Talisman
Abolish Disease – PoFire – Arch Mage Yozanni

Prismatic Ring of Resistance
AC/Resist Buff (AA Grant)
Plane of Time – Quarm

Putrid Chunk of Moss
+60 Agility Buff – PoWater – Fish Summoning Event

Rosrak’s Greaves of the Primal
Pox of Bertoxxulous (DoT) – PoP Elemental Class Quest

Scaled Avatar Set
Haste / Root – PoP Ornate Armor Class Quest

Shield of Striding
Instant Levitation (self-only) 
– Temple of Cazic-Thule 2.0 – an enraged disciple

Time’s Antithesis
Turgur’s Insects (Slow) – PoTime – Saryrn

Wand of the Vortex
Annul Magic (2x Dispel) – PoTime – Phase 2

Lost Dungeons of Norrath

Earring of Spirited Mind
+2 Mana Regen (AA Grant) – LDoN Raid: War March of Imal Ojun

Orcish Tattered Shroud
+60 Stamina Buff – LDoN Raid: Hidden Vale of Deceit

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