– Kill a glacier bear in Everfrost. Loot Ingot of the Devout (Step 1)
– Kill Minotaur Sentry in Steamfont Mountains. Loot Icon of the Devout (Step 2)
– Obtain  2x Vulcanized Platinum Bars via sub-quest. (Step 3)
– Turn-In all 4 items to Gavel the Temperant in Temple of Solusek Ro to receive Shield of the Devout. (Step 4)


Step 1

This is the hardest part of the quest due to the long respawn timer of the PH and because the drop is not guaranteed.

Head to caves in Everfrost that you access under the ice river. In the caves there are 2x ice boned skeletons that roam around the caves. These are PH for a glacier bear. a glacier bear can potentially drop Ingot of the Devout. Loot it. The drop not guaranteed. You may need to kill it a few times to get one. a glacier bear has a huge model and cannot be missed. It roams the caves well. Approx. Level 25.

Note 1: The 2x ice boned skeletons that roam have a long respawn timer. I don’t have the exact respawn timers but it seems they may respawn somewhere between 6-8 hours.

Note 2: There are also 5 static spawns (non-roaming) of ice boned skeleton in the caves. These are not PH’s for a glacier bear. Lich of Miragul also roams in the caves, he is also not PH for a glacier bear.




Step 2

Head to the minotaur caves in Steamfont Mountains. Your goal is to spawn Minotaur Sentry. His PH is Minotaur Guard. The 2x Minotaur Guard PH’s are standing next to each other on the Northwest side of the cave. Kill them both until Minotaur Sentry spawns and loot Icon of the Devout. Seems to always drop.

– Respawn timer is 7.5 – 8 minutes.
– Approx. Level 30.

Step 3

1) Buy 2x Platinum Bar from a Jewelcrafting merchant (Around 105pp each). Have a Level 32+ Enchanter Enchant them with Spell: Enchant Platinum to create 2x Enchanted Platinum Bar.

2) Head to the Temple of Solusek Ro and locate Vilissia on the second floor. Shes up the first staircase on the right. Give Vilissia 2x Enchanted Platinum Bar (unstacked recommended) to receive 2x Vulcanized Platinum Bars.


Step 4

Locate Gavel the Temperant in Temple of Solusek Ro. He’s on the main floor in the large room. Give him the 4x quest items from the previous steps to receive Shield of the Devout!

Ingot of the Devout
Icon of the Devout
2x Vulcanized Platinum Bar





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