Solusek Ro Raid Guide
The Tower of Solusek Ro

Sol Ro Minis Guide >> HERE <<

To access the Chamber of Solusek Ro himself (without piggy) you will need to have flags from all 5 mini bosses in the zone and also have all prior flags leading up to the zone.

In the middle of the zone you’ll find the click up to his room. Click on the extra shiny orange square to zone up.

Once up top you’ll be immediately aggroed by 2x Guardian of Fire. There are 6 total. Clear them all to prepare for the boss fight.

Guardian of Fire Info:
– Level 73
– Hits 1300+
– Slowable
– Cast Unity of Fire: 35 pt DS

Solusek Ro has a few abilities:

– Level 80
– Hits 2.1K+ (with max shielding). Expect hits 2.5K+ if not geared.
– Slowable
– Rampages
– 900K HP (MoTM)
– Casts Solar Flame (Single Target, -2000 DD, -400 Fire Based)
– Casts Solar Winds (Targeted AE, – 1000 DD/50 ATK, -400 Fire Based)
– Casts Corona of Sol (Self Buff, 150 DS, can be dispelled)


Generally it’s best to have ranged DPS stay max range. Healers might not be able to get out of AE range but ranged DPS can. Have group heals ready for the melee.

Once dead, the Planar Projection spawns at the entrance to his chamber. Hail the Planar Projection for your flag! A door in the floor next to the Projection also becomes openable. Make sure to drop down into it to zone into PoFire.



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