Step 1

Head to Bloodmoon Keep. Kill trash mobs until Spiritvoid Earring drops. It is an uncommon drop. Loot it to receive task “Spiritvoid Earring”. Note: You may need to be level 75+ to receive this task, exact level not verified.

Step 2 – “Spirit Void Earring” Task

Task Step 1:

Locate Donart Rithkin in Loping Plains. Hail him to receive an update.

 Task Step 2:

Go back to Bloodmoon Keep. Locate Acolyte Emyria. Hail her to receive an update. Lots of mobs are around so be ready to clear.

Task Step 3+4:

These two tasks steps can be done along side each other. The Slave area can be found in the area shown of the map. Hail them until you receive an update from one. I got my update from an elf slave. Bloodmoon Orcs can be found all over the east side of the zone.

Task Step 5:

Go back to Acolyte Emyria in Bloodmoon Keep. Hailing her will complete the task, and you’ll be assigned the next task: “Calming the Spiritvoid Earring”.

Step 3 – “Calming the Spiritvoid Earring” Task

Task Step 1:

Give Spiritvoid Earring to Acolyte Emyria to receive an update. She will hand it back.

Task Step 2:

Kill ghost-type mobs until you get 6 updates. You’ll get an update every 2-4 kills on average.


Task Steps 3 + 4: 

Return to the room with Acolyte Emyria. You’ll receive an update as soon as you walk in. You’ll also receive Damaged Spiritlight Earring on your cursor. Hold onto this. Hail Acolyte Emyria to complete the Task. You’ll also receive the 3rd and final task, “Repairing the Spiritlight Earring”.


Step 4 – “Repairing the Spiritvoid Earring” Task

**Note: In this task you’ll need a Vial of Purified Mana. This is made by Enchanters. It is recommended to get this ahead of time. You’ll also want any type of Jeweler’s Kit.

Task Step 1:
Head to the location on the Map for an update.

Task Step 2:

This is a ground spawn. See Map for spawn locations that I found. They appear to spawn in groups of 3.

Task Steps 3-6:

Equip your Bloodmoon Mining Pick and right click it in 4 specific locations around the Mine. See Map for locations. You’ll receive 1x Raw Dweric Mithril Ore for each update, for a total of 4.



Task Step 7: 

Return to Acolyte Emyria. Hail her to receive an update

Task Step 8:

Note: This is the task step we’ll be using Vial of Purified Mana in. If you haven’t gotten it yet, get one from an Enchanter. You’ll also want any type of Jeweler’s Kit.

Locate the Forge nearby (see map). Combine the following to create: Refined Dweric Mithril Ore. This is a no-fail combine.

4x Raw Dweric Mithril Ore
1x Vial of Purified Mana

Task Step 9:

For the final combine you’ll want to combine the following into any Jeweler’s Kit to receive: Spiritlight Earring.
This is a no-fail combine. Quest Complete!

Damaged Spiritlight Earring (From the previous Task)
Refined Dweric Mithril Ore

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