Strength of the Elements
Quest Guide

Step 1

You’ll first need to collect 4 items:

Fusible Coral Ore
Fusible Earthen Ore
Fusible Igneous Ore
Fusible Velium Ore


Fusible Coral Ore

Drops from Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep. Common or possibly always drops. Approx. 12 hour respawn. You can spawn him in an instance also.


Fusible Earthen Ore

Drops off Master Yael (Hole 1.0 aka pre-LDoN), or an Animated Construct (Hole 2.0 – aka LDoN+).

an Animated Construct is next to Guardian of the Seal.

Master Yael is a raid (also Death Touches), and Guardian of the Seal is a group mob. They can be difficult depending on your era and gear. Generally not soloable in era. Also consider creating a DZ instance.


Fusible Igneous Ore

This is a ground spawn in Skyfire Mountains. You’ll see a bunch of them laying on the ground in 2 locations.

Fusible Velium Ore

This drops from Guardian Kozzalym who spawns in Western Wastes. He roams around so a tracker helps. He’s typically on the west and north sides of the zone. Estimated 3 day respawn (not confirmed). You can spawn him in an instance also.

It is a relatively easy fight. A group should be able to do it no problem.

Hits in the 100’s
22K HP
Highly resistant to Cold and Fire spells

Step 2

1) Once you have all 4 Ore head over to Western Wastes and locate Makil Rargon (-1125, +2900).

2) Say “fusibility test” to receive Empty Fusible Ore Crate.

Combine the 4 ore in it to receive Full Crate of Fusible Ore.

4) Give Full Crate of Fusible Ore to Makil Rargon to receive Strength of the Elements!


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