Step 1

Head to Highpass Hold and locate Dyllin Starsine. He is in the “smuggler caves”, an area you can access via an underwater entrance. Kill him and loot Page 30 of a Book.

– Level 16
– 500 HP
– Spawns near some boxes and barrels (+16, +53) between a Pottery Wheel and an Oven.
– Estimated 7 hour respawn with some variance. No PH.



 Step 2

Note: Bring some Gold for this Step. 100 should be more than enough. I did this at Dubious faction with no issues.

1) Go to North Qeynos and locate Moodoro Finharn. He hangs out inside and outside CROWS PUB & CASINO. Give him
2 Gold
to receive Testament of Vanear (2-slot container version). It will appear in your inventory, not your cursor, so check your bags.

2) Now keep giving Moodoro Finharn 4 Gold at a time. He will give you various types of “cards”. Eventually you will receive Jester.

3) Once you receive Jester, hand it back to Moodoro Finhard to receive Page 34 of a Book.

Step 3

Combine Page 30 of a Book and Page 34 of a Book into Testament of Vanear (2-slot container) to create
Testament of Vanear!

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