Tunare Strategy Guide

Plane of Growth


Tunare is one of the more difficult raid encounters in Velious. Before engaging her, you’ll need to clear the entire zone. She is like Cazic-Thule in that she will summon all mobs in the zone to her when engaged. Due to this the raid is quite time consuming. To compensate for this the loot off both trash mobs and Tunare herself are quite exceptional. She has a variety of good weapons and Flowing Thought items. The zone also drops great breastplates for multiple classes. Killing in this zone will quickly lower your Wood Elf and High Elf related factions.


Phase 1

Tunare can initially be found in the red circle on the map at the top of the tree. When aggroed, she will instantly despawn and respawn at the maroon circle at +1600, -260. This is where you’ll ultimately fight her. However, before moving down to her fight spot you’ll need to kill 2x Guardians of Tunare who also spawn in the tree.

These Guardians of Tunare are not pushovers. They have the following abilities:

– High amounts of HP (300K+)
– Max hit 250+
– One casts Cloud of Silence (PBAE Silence, Magic Based, 15 second recast)
– The other casts Silver Breath (PBAE 400 DD + dispel, Unresistable)

 Phase 2

Once the Guardians of Tunare are dead you can move to the Tunare fight spot at +1600, -260. Make sure all mobs in the zone are dead before engaging or she will summon them. Tunare hits like a truck and has the following abilities:

– Hits for 1100+ (with 35 Heroic Stamina), hits for more without
– Approx. 915K HP (MoTM)
– Flurries
– Permarooted
– Casts Engorging Roots (350 DD and Root, Single Target, Magic Based)
– Casts Vengeance of the Glades (Single Target root on Main Tank, Unresistable)
– Casts Power of the Forests (800 DD and knockback on Main Tank, Poison Based)
– Casts Breath of Karana (300 DD + 1 second stun, Single Target, Magic Based)

The two big takeaways from this is that she casts both an unresistable root and a poison based knockback on the main tank. You’ll want to to have multiple tanks ready.

Some less notable spells she casts include:
– Casts Sylvan Embers (-30 AC/-40 Fire Resist/small DoT, Single Target, Fire Based)
– Casts Ice (900 DD, Single Target, Cold Based)
– Casts Nature’s Touch (1,500 HP Heal)
– Casts Moonfire (1,100 DD, Single Target, Cold Based)


This is what happens when you engage Tunare in Phase 2 before clearing all the trash:


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