Warden Symbol of Tunare Quest Guide

This is a 3-part quest. You’ll get a reward after completion of each of these parts. You must do them all to get the final reward. The three rewards are:

Initiate Symbol of Tunare

Disciple Symbol of Tunare

Warden Symbol of Tunare

Only CLE/DRU class of HUM/ELF/HIE/HEF race and Tunare deity can use these items. Further information on the clicky of each item can be found in the guide below.

Initiate Symbol of Tunare

*You can do Part 1 (Initiate Symbol of Tunare) and 2 (Disciple Symbol of Tunare) farming at the same time if you wish. Read ahead so you can get the big picture*

Collect 4x Putrescent Heart from a rancorous ghast in Lesser Faydark. Uncommon Drop. Cannot be traded.

a rancorous ghast roam the zone (mostly the east side, but can be on the west too) and seem to only spawn at night. However, if they are left up from a night time spawn, they will continue to be up during the day. I was not able to 100% confirm what the exact PH is but killing any undead noob mobs such as skeletons and mummies seem to spawn a rancorous ghast.

Both a rancorous ghast spawn rate and the Putrescent Heart drop rate are pretty low, so don’t be surprised if you have to spend a few “in-game” nights here to get all four. A tracker is highly recommended. Or you can use Spell: Sense the Dead.

Once you have 4x Putrescent Heart go to Yeolarn Bronzeleaf in North Felwithe. He inside the Cleric Guild area.

For the turn-in you’ll need adequate faction. Follow his dialogue and make sure you receive the following emote before doing the turn-in:

**If your faction is too low you’ll need to turn in Bone Chips into him to raise your Clerics of Tunare faction. You can also do the Muffins Quest from Pandos Flintside in West Freeport to raise faction. I did my turn-in at high Warmly.**

Give Yeolarn Bronzeleaf 4x Putrescent Heart to receive Initiate Symbol of Tunare. This haste clicky is self only, gives 50%, and has an 18 second base duration.



Disciple Symbol of Tunare

Step 1

Doing the final turn-in for Discipline Symbol of Tunare requires that you have  Initiate Symbol of Tunare. However you can do the steps for this quest at the same time at the Initiate Symbol.

To begin, Yeolarn Bronzeleaf in North Felwithe will give you dialogue (can likely skip the dialogue):

Step 2

You’ll be going back to Lesser Faydark. The goal is to spawn Larik Z`Vole. He is level 17. His PH is in the middleish of the zone at a small obelisk. His PH is a static spawn, a skeleton. See picture/map for spawn location. Note that he is the spawn on the *bottom/wide* platform of the obelisk (a skeleton behind him spawns also on an upper platform, this is not the PH, but kill it if you want). PH respawn is approx. 12 minutes. He can be rare so don’t be surpised if you’re here for a while.

Kill Larik Z`Vole and loot Larik Z`Vole’s Head. It is NO TRADE.

Killing Larik Z`Vole also spawns a dark elf courier just to the south. *I saw some reports that a dark elf courier spawns elsewhere in the zone and starts running to this camp, however I was not able to verify this. I did this portion of the quest a while before making this guide. A tracker would help verify this*

There are some level 30-45 mobs that are also here so you may need some help to clear this camp out. Kill a dark elf courier and loot Tier`Dal Courier’s Head and Tier`Dal Crate. These items are NO TRADE.

Step 3

Once you have the 4 items required (see pic below) turn them into Yeolarn Bronzeleaf in North Felwithe to receive Disciple Symbol of Tunare.

The clicky on this item is self-only cast, has a 2 minute base duration, and increases Poison and Disease Resists by 15. It stacks with Resist Disease/Poison spells and PoM Flowers.


Warden Symbol of Tunare

Step 1

Once you complete Disciple Symbol of Tunare Speak to Yeolarn Bronzeleaf in North Felwithe. Say “warden of tunare” to receive Black Stone Candlestick.

Step 2

Locate Trilani Parlone in Erudin Palace (Near Enchanter Guildmaster/Spell area on upper floors south side). Give her Black Stone Candlestick to receive Magical Suspension Fluid.

Step 3

 You now need to farm 3 items:

Red Pouch of Dust – Drops off Goblins in Solusek’s Eye (SolA). I got mine from inferno goblin. Seems to be somewhat rare. It took me 2 rounds of clearing all goblins to get it to drop. May also drop off Lavastorm goblins (unverified). NO TRADE.

Thick Caustic FluidDrops off werebats in Estate of Unrest. Commonly found in the basement. Dropped 3/3 for me (100% drop rate?). NO TRADE.

White HelleboreDrops off a tesch mass gnoll in South Karana (near Splitpaw). semi rare drop, I killed 20 and got 1. May also drop in Splitpaw itself pre-LDON revamp (unverified). TRADABLE.

Step 4

Combine the 4 items from Step 2 and Step 3 (see picture below) in a Brew Barrel to create Divinatory Concoction. Trivial unknown. I had 250+ Brewing when I did this.

Step 5

Go back Trilani Parlone in Erudin Palace. Give her Divinatory Concoction to receive Powder of Unanimation (2-charges).

Step 6

Go back to Yeolarn Bronzeleaf in North Felwithe. Give him Powder of Unanimation and Disciple Symbol of Tunare to receive Warden Symbol of Tunare!


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