For Warriors in Ruins of Kunark we’ll want to prioritize AC, then HP/Stamina. We also want Dexterity to increase our proc rate, and Agility for extra AC where applicable. We’ll also want a haste item and a bow.

Below are stats you can expect with the gear below. Your results will vary depending on which items you choose, your race, and starting stats.

If I missed a better item in any slot, feel free to let me know in Discord.

Slot Item Drop Location
Blade of Strategy
BiS (Aggro Proc)
Warrior 1.0 Epic
Blade of Tactics
BiS (Dexterity/AC Proc)

Ivyshae Blade
Alternate (Select Races only)

Warrior 1.0 Epic

Kunark Quest

Shield of Elders
Option 1

Option 2

Sarnak Battle Shield
Option 3

Veeshan’s Peak: Phara Dar

SolB: Lord Nagafen

Chardok: “Sarnak and Skeleton” type mobs

Ears Twisted Bone Earring

Pearly Sarnak Bauble

Necro 1.0 Epic

Chardok: Arch Inspector Nibi`zi

Neck Necklace of Superiority
Option 1

Pulsating Gem
Option 2

Runed Wind Amulet

Howling Stones: Drusella Sathir (Kunark Era)

Veeshan’s Peak: Nexona

PoSky: Warrior Test of Strength

Face Tribal War Mask

Darkbrood Mask
Dark Elf Alternate

Chardok: Di’Zok trash mobs and Overseer Dal`guur

PoHate: Innoruuk

Head Crown of Rile
Option 1 (Contested)

Cobalt Helm
Option 2

Indicolite Helm

Veeshan’s Peak: Phara Dar

Old Sebilis: froglok type mobs

PoHate: a kiraikuei

Fingers Djarn’s Amethyst Ring

Regal Band of Bathezid

Azure Ruby Ring
Dexterity Option

Engineer’s Ring
Gnome BiS

SolB: Efreeti Lord Djarn

Chardok Quest

PoSky Warrior Quest

PoHate: Innoruuk

Wrist Spirit Wracked Cord

Cobalt Bracer
Option 1 (Can wear 2)

Indicolite Bracer
Option 2 (Can wear 2)

Chardok: Quest or Grand Lorekeeper Kino Shai`din

Old Sebilis: “myconid” type mobs

PoHate: a kiraikuei

Arms Indicolite Vambraces

Cobalt Vambraces
Option 2

Golden Efreeti Vambraces

PoHate: a kiraikuei

Old Sebilis: froglok zol knight

PoSky: Noble Dojorn/Overseer of Air/the Hand of Veeshan

Hands Indicolite Gauntlets
Option 1

Cobalt Gauntlets
Option 2

PoHate: a kiraikuei / PoFear: a phoboplasm

Karnor’s Castle: a drovarg captain

Shoulders Chokidai Hide Pauldrons
HP Option

Pauldrons of the Blue Sky
High Stat Option

Chardok: Deathfang

PoSky: Warrior Test of Sky

Chest Cobalt Breastplate
Old Sebilis: Trakanon
Back Shield of the Immaculate

Cloak of Flames
Option 2 (+36% Haste)

Hierophant’s Cloak
Option 3

Cloak of Scales
Alternate (Select Races Only)

PoHate: Lord of Ire (Classic-PoP), an eerie chest (LDoN+)

SolB: Lord Nagafen

Old Sebilis: Hierophant Prime Grekal

PoHate: Innoruuk

Waist Belt of the Four Winds
BiS (+41% Haste)
PoSky: Warrior Test of Think
Legs Cobalt Greaves
Karnor’s Castle: Venril Sathir
Feet Indicolite Boots
Option 1

Cobalt Boots
Option 2

PoHate: a kiraikuei

Karnor’s Castle: caller of Sathir

Ranged Idol of the Thorned

Sarnak War Bow
Bow Option

Frontier Mountians: Chief RokGus

Chardok: Drill Master Dih`roul

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