Wizard 1.5 Epic Pre-Quest Guide


This quest will make you eligible to start the Wizard 1.5 Epic quest if you have not completed the Wizard 1.0 Epic.

WARNING: BEFORE STARTING THIS QUEST — Wizard Epic 1.0 is MUCH easier. I recommend avoiding this quest and doing the actual Wizard 1.0 Quest instead! Step 6 and 7 are the major bottlenecks.

Potentially Pre-farmable Steps

**Not all are 100% confirmed pre-lootable, just something you may want to review before beginning the quest**

Step 2 Obtain 10x Items
Step 2 – Get Fishing 120+
Step 6 – Farm 9 of the 10 runes
Step 7 – 190+ Research

Step 1

Go to Lavastorm Mountains and locate Talwyn Flamecaller (+2180, -1040). Say “test of intelligence” to receive
Old Parchment.


Step 2

Get the following 10 items. All are ground spawns except for Worn Turban, which is obtained via Fishing in PoTranquility.

Item Zone MAP
Emerald-tipped Staff Gorge of King Xorbb MAP
Empty Jug Katta Castellum MAP
Golden Dagger Skyfire Mountains MAP
Ivory Bone Gulf of Gunthak MAP
Meditation Basket Warsliks Woods MAP
Old Pipe Dagnor’s Cauldron MAP
Platinum Token PoJustice MAP
Red Cloth Maiden’s Eye MAP
White Sash Mons Letalis MAP
Worn Turban PoTranquility MAP

Step 3

1) Go back to  Lavastorm Mountains and locate Talwyn Flamecaller (+2180, -1040). Give him each of the 10x items from Step 2 (This seems weird as the turn-in window is only 4 items, but just hand in 4, then another 4, then the final 2). As you do the turn-ins you’ll get some random “old parchment” items. Just ignore these, you won’t need them.

However, after you turn in the 10th item you’ll receive Rune of Greater Desiccation. Hold onto this.

2) Say “test of channeling” to receive emote:

Step 4

Head into the Sarnak Fort in Lake of Ill Omen. In the throne room you’ll see a skeleton on the table. Have an AE Direct Damage spell memmed. Type /open on the Skeleton. A big group of level 5 scorpions will spawn. Kill them. One of them will drop  Cursed Talisman. Loot it.

Step 5

1) Go back to  Lavastorm Mountains and locate Talwyn Flamecaller (+2180, -1040). Give him
Cursed Talisman to receive emote. He will  hand Cursed Talisman back to you.

2) Say “test of research” to receive another emote.

Step 6

Now you need a total of 10 runes. These all drop from random trash within the game (yes this part sucks, this can potentially take you weeks).

You got one of them in Step 3 ( Rune of Greater Desiccation) so you really only need 9. The 9 you need are listed below.

Vxed, Hard Mode LDoNs Missions, Veksar, and Sewers (GoD) are common places to farm most of them. You can also check the Bazaar most (but not all) are tradable.

Rune of Greater Conflagration is the exception, it drops off Shar Vinitras in Akheva Ruins. A mini raid boss with a nasty AE Slow/Mana Drain.

Rune of Cascade
Rune of Coruscation
Rune of Flash
Rune of Glint
Rune of Impulse
Rune of Synergy
Rune of Tempest
Rune of Vortex
Rune of Greater Conflagration

Step 7

1) Level up Research to 190. For TLP servers, you can use the guide >> HERE <<

2) Combine the 10x Runes into a Spell Research Kit to create Spell: Electrical Charge (no-fail).


Step 8

1) Go back to  Lavastorm Mountains and locate Talwyn Flamecaller (+2180, -1040). Give him
Spell: Electrical Charge
to receive an emote. He will return Spell: Electrical Charge to you also.

2) Say “test of subtlety” to receive another emote:

Step 9

Go to Steamfont Mountains and locate Yama Twerik. He is at the entrance of the minotaur caves.

Say “ready”. He will run over to the Inactive Clockwork laying on the ground. Target it and click your
Spell: Electrical Charge
as he asks you to. You’ll have to do this a few times, watch his dialogue. You’ll need to be quick or he will walk off.

Eventually you’ll see the emote below, this means you can go back to Talwyn Flamecaller in Lavastorm Mountains.

Step 10

Go back to  Lavastorm Mountains and locate Talwyn Flamecaller (+2180, -1040).

Hail him, you’re now eligible to start the Wizard 1.5 Epic Quest!

Wizard 1.5 Pre-Quest Complete!


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