Worker Sledgemallet Quest Guide

The Overthere Port


This item has a proc that will port you to the shipyard in evil town in The Overthere. This is a great item for those with a bad Origin spot (In PoP you can take the nearby book to PoKnowledge) or for those who simply just want to port here.




1) You will need a Jade. This gem can be purchased from most Jewelcrafting merchants.

2) You’ll need to be Amiably with the turn-in NPC an undead foreman (see map at bottom of the page), who is on Venril Sathir faction. There are three ways to obtain this:

Option 1

Killing Kunark Dragons (other than Trakanon) gives some faction boosts. Your best bet however is to kill bosses and various trash in Veeshan’s Peak.

Option 2

 Enchanters/Necromancers/Bards can charm an undead foreman to become Amiable.

Option 3

All other classes can get Puppet Strings from PoFear (Dread/Fright/Terror) and charm him with it to become Amiable. This item is tradable.

Illusions Note:  I did a bit of testing, but nothing extensive. You can lower your faction by using an illusion to turn into a good race from an evil one. However, I did not see any scenario where I was able to raise my faction using Illusions (even on a fresh evil character who begin at Apprehensive).

Doing the Turn-In

an undead foremen is located in the evil town (see map).

If charming and using Puppet Strings, I recommend bringing a class that has a magic resist debuff to help secure the landing the charm spell so you don’t waste charges. He can be resistant. If you are a class that can already charm, having a magic resist debuff is not a big deal since you can charm as much as you want.

Be careful when charming an undead foremen because Dragoon Guards can aggro from a ways away and assist him.

I recommend pulling him to the Orange Box (see map) to help mitigate this. However the Guards still can potentially aggro.

Once charmed (or Amiable normally) simply hand him Jade to receive your Worker Sledgemallet!



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