Bards in PoP will want to prioritize Heroic Stats. Heroic Dexterity for Proc Rate/Accuracy, and Heroic Stamina/Agility for Defense. After Heroic Stats we want to focus on AC, then HP. We also will pick up some +Attack along the way. We also want to get +Mana Regen where we can.

Additionally, In Plane of Time, we will get Instrument Mods on select items, this will help the passive strength of our songs. We also get even stronger Instrument Mods (from standard instruments) from the Elemental Planes.

Clickies are generally not included. For Clicky information check out the Bard Clicky Page.  

Below are the estimated stats you can expect. Out of era AA HP has already been adjusted for. This character doesn’t have any +stat AA clickies (Mana/HP/Regen/Resists, etc) clicked, so if you have any of those add them onto this profile to estimate your stats.

Slot Item Drop Location
Songblade of the Eternal
BiS (Singing 15)
PoTime: Innoruuk
Edge of Eternity
BiS (Percussion 15)
PoTime: Saryrn

Lute of Flowing Water
String 24

War Drums of the Rathe
Percussion 24

Blaring Horn of Fire
Brass 25

Tormented Flute
Wind 18

Songblade of the Eternal
Singing 15 (also see Primary)

PoWater: Grioihin the Wise

PoEarthA: Peregrin Rockskull

PoFire: Fennin Ro Event – “The 4 Demon Lords”

PoTorment: Salczek the Fleshgrinder

PoTime: Innoruuk


Silver Hoop of Speed
BiS (+5% Overhaste)

Earring of Xaoth Kor
BIS (+3 Heroic Dex/+15 Attack)

PoTime: Quarm

PoTime: Phase 3 Golems


Necklace of Eternal Visions
Option 1 (+2 Heroic Stamina)

Amulet of Crystal Dreams
Option 2 (+5 Mana Regen/+25 Attack)

PoTime: Innoruuk

PoTime: Tallon Zek

Mask of Strategic Insight
BiS (+3 Heroic Dexterity/+25 Attack)

Visor of the Berserker
BiS if don’t have Songblade of the Eternal

PoTime: Tier 3 Golems

PoTime: Rallos Zek
Head Helm of Flowing Time
BiS (40% Haste/+20 Attack)
PoTime: Vallon Zek

Timestone Adorned Ring
BiS (+4 Heroic Agility)

Band of Prismatic Focus
BiS (+3 Heroic Dexterity/+15 Attack)

PoTime: Cazic Thule

PoTime: Tallon Zek


Earthen Bracer of Fortitude
BiS (String 14/+4 Heroic Stamina)

Bracer of Precision
Option 2 (+4 Heroic Stamina/+20 Attack)

Wristband of Echoed Thoughts
Option 3 (+5 Mana Regen/+25 Attack)

PoTime: Quarm

PoTime: Tallon Zek

PoTime: Cazic Thule

Armguards of the Brute
BiS (Faerune)
PoTime: Terris Thule

Gloves of Airy Mists
BiS (+7 Heroic Agility/+30 Attack)

Gauntlets of Disruption
Alternate (+4 Heroic Agility/+30 Attack)

PoTime: Innoruuk

PoTime: Phase 2


Shroud of Provocation
Option 1 (Wind 12/+20 Attack)

Mantle of Deadly Precision
Option 2 (+3 Heroic Dexterity/+20 Attack)

PoTime: Saryrn

PoTime: Tallon Zek
Chest Rizlona’s Fiery Chestplate
BiS (Brass 16/+5 Heroic Stamina)
PoTime: Rallos Zek/Quarm (Timeless Breastplate Mold)

Shroud of Eterninty
Option 1 (+4 Heroic Strength/Stamina)

Platinum Cloak of War
Option 2 (+3 Heroic Agility/+20 Attack)

Cape of Endless Torment
Option 3 (+6 Mana Regen)

PoTime: Quarm

PoTime: Rallos Zek

PoTime: Terris Thule


Cord of Temporal Weavings
BiS (45% Haste/+7 Heroic Agility/+35 Attack)

Girdle of Stability
Option 2 (+4 Heroic Stamina/+30 Attack)

PoTime: Quarm

PoTime: Innoruuk

Legs Greaves of Furious Might
BiS (+4 Heroic Stamina/+20 Attack)
PoTime: Cazic Thule
Feet Boots of Despair
BiS (+4 Heroic Stamina/+25 Attack)
PoTime: Bertoxxulous

Globe of Mystical Protection
Option 1 (+3 Heroic Agility/+3 Mana Regen)

Symbol of the Planemasters
Option 2 (+4 Heroic Stamina)

Shuriken of Eternity
Ton Po’s Mystical Pouch (Optional): 250 Range

Eye of Dreams
Alternate: Brass 13 (Chest has a better mod)

PoTime: Vallon Zek

PoTime: Saryrn

PoTime: Rallos Zek

PoTime: Bertoxxulous
Charm Intricate Wooden Figurine
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