Berserker 1.5 Epic Guide
Raging Taelosian Alloy Axe


You must have either completed the Berserker 1.0 Epic or 1.5 Pre-Quest to begin this quest.

Step 1

Get to 125 Brewing. You can use this Brewing Guide.

Step 2

Before beginning any quest dialogue farm the following items:

 4x Cragbeast Blood Tradable – check Bazaar
 4x Hynid Blood – Tradable – check Bazaar
4x Shimmering Aligned Ore – Tradable – check Bazaar
2x Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves – Tradable – check Bazaar
4x Sacred Water – No Trade – Don’t drink them!


 4x Cragbeast Blood – Tradable – Drops from Cragbeasts in Gates of Discord zones. Most seem to be in Kod’Taz, Yxxta, or the Tipt instance. This drop will take a long time so be patient. Tipt has a mini Cragbeast event that spawns roughly 6 Cragbeasts each run in addition to normal Cragbeast trash spawns. It took me about 20 runs to get all 4. Rare drop.

 4x Hynid Blood – Tradable – Found off Hynids In Gates of Discord zones. I got all 4 off the ones in Natimbi and Kod’Taz after 2 rounds of spawns. They also drop in Tipt any any zone you see a Hynid in. Uncommon drop.

4x Shimmering Aligned Ore – Tradable – Random Trash drop. Best zones to farm this are Kod’Taz, Qvic, and Yxtta. Rare Drop.

4x Taelosian Fern Sample – No Trade – Ground spawns in Kod’Taz and Yxtta. You can only loot 1 per zone per hour. This means you can get 2 the first hour then can get the other 2 an hour later. You can click the same one twice after an hour has passed. There are 2x spawn locations in Kod’Taz and 3 in Yxtta that I know of. **If you are unable to loot these then make sure your 1.0 or  1.5 pre-quests are done properly. I outline those in Step 4. Once you complete Step 4 you can come back and loot these.**

2x Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves
Tradable – Drops in Kod’Taz, Qvic, or Yxtta off trash mobs. Uncommon drop.

4x Sacred WaterNo TradeDon’t drink them! Drops off “Valor Armor” graphic mobs in Plane of Valor. These mobs can be found in the Red Circles. Somewhere between Common and Uncommon drop.

Step 3

Go to Abysmal Sea and locate Galidnus Corkpopper (use find).
Give him 2x Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves to receive 4x Taelosian Mountain Tea.

Combine  1x Sacred Water + 1x Taelosian Mountain Tea in a Brew Barrel to create Taelosian Tea Extract. Combine all 4 this way, you’ll need 4x Taelosian Tea Extracts total. 125 Brewing is required to do the combine.


Step 4

**If you followed the 1.5 pre-quest guide on this site then you should already have turned in Raging Soul Shard and have the hails done. If so, you can can skip Step 4. If you completed your 1.0, then you’ll want to do Step 4 to be safe.**

1) Go to Lake of Ill Omen to see Keras McArik (-100, -3400). “Hail” him to receive text:

You say, ‘Hail, Keras McArik’
Keras McArik says, ‘It is good to see you again, friend. It seems my axe has fared well thus far, aye? Indeed it has. Have you spoken with your guildmaster yet? They will be glad to see that you are well on your path to controlling your rage.’

2) Go to your races hometown. Hail your respective guildmaster to receive Raging Soul Shard. You can use “Find” to locate them, or you can simply Origin and you’ll be standing next to them.

Barbarian – Shanis MacDarren (Halas)
Troll – Daboo Dogak (Grobb)
Ogre – Baddi Waca (Oggok)
Dwarf – Dravel Axesmasher (North Kaladim)
Vah Shir – Vrasha Piennsa (Shar Vahl)

3) Go back to Lake of Ill Omen to see Keras McArik (-100, -3400). Give him Raging Soul Shard. He may respond or may give it back. Hail him after you give to him. If he hands it back you’re flagged properly. The dialogue here is kind of buggy. I saw this dialogue upon hailing when I was properly flagged:

Step 5

Give Keras McArik (-100, -3400) in Lake of Ill Omen all of your farmed items (unstacked). You’ll receive an emote upon each turnin:

Give him:  4x Hynid Blood

Give him:  4x Cragbeast Blood

Give him: 4x Shimmering Aligned Ore

Give him: 4x Taelosian Fern Sample

Give him: 4x Taelosian Tea Extract

Once all items are turned in you’ll receive 4x Taelosian Tempered Ore and receive emote:

Step 6

Go to Baeldaar Hawkeye in Plane of Knowledge (behind blacksmithing building – see map). Give him
4x Taelosian Tempered Ore to receive emote:


Step 7

Go to Dranik’s Scar. Collect 4x Darkwood Sapling Branch. They are ground spawns (see map). There are only 3 spawns total that I am aware of — with a 20 minute respawn timer. So you’ll have to wait to get your 4th. These are No Drop.

-1217, -1255
-390, -655
+1033, +2

Step 8

Go back to Baeldaar Hawkeye in Plane of Knowledge. Give him 4x Darkwood Sapling Branch to receive 4x Trial Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe and an emote:



Step 9

Go to Old Sebilis with a raid. Bring a Pick Lock. Head to the juggernaut room just past the locked door (see map). Kill mobs in this room until An Ancient Sebilite Protector spawns. Two A Sebilite Guardian spawn also. They are targetable but you cannot attack them until An Ancient Sebilite Protector dies.

You will want to attack An Ancient Sebilite Protector with each of your  4x Trial Taelosian Alloy Blood Axes. Eventually each one will give it’s own emote after you attack with it for a while. When you get the emote, swap weapons until you get an emote for each weapon. The An Ancient Sebilite Protector must be below 75% HP before you will begin to get emotes. The emotes are:

Note: If you’re high level and 1 shot Ancient Sebilite Protector then you can simply equip the axes one at at time while An Ancient Sebilite Protector beats on you. Face away from it with attack on. You don’t have to actually damage it.

Once you got all 4 emotes then kill An Ancient Sebilite Protector. You’ll get one last emote if you did it right:

You’ll end up with these 4 axes:

Now you can kill off the two A Sebilite Guardian.

Fight Info:

– A Sebilite Guardian heals An Ancient Sebilite Protector
Casts Curse of the Protector (PBAE, 2500 DD, -1000 Mana Drain/tick, -45 stats, Curse Cure, Disease Based)
Casts Blurring Focus (NPC Hatelist, -50% Spell Haste, dispel, Chromatic Based)
Casts Death Shackles (Single Target, 8 sec stun, 300DD, unresistable)

Step 10

Go back to Keras McArik (-100, -3400) in Lake of Ill Omen. Give him the 4 Axes:

to receive Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe.

Step 11

Go to Abysmal Sea and locate Teekan Opousbabolaoi (Use Find). Give her Raging Soul Shard and Taelosian Alloy Blood Axe to receive your 1.5 Epic: Raging Taelosian Alloy Axe!

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