Rewards: Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar, Iksar Left Ribcage Bones, Chronobines, Faction, Experience

You’ll need to do a series of 5 Solo Tasks in Field of Scale. The Main Task is The Grand Illusion (which gives Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar), and the other 4 are its sub-tasks.

To get the quests you’ll need to speak to Phara Dar in Field of Scale. Say “see this through” to receive The Grand Illusion. You’ll then be given the dialogue to pick up the other 4 Solo Tasks. Say “ribcage”, “foot”, “hand”, and “skull”.

You should now have the 5 following quests:

The Grand Illusion
Evil Afoot
Idle Hands
Purify the Body
The Skull of the Ancient

Complete the other four and the The Grand Illusion will auto-update as you complete them.

Additionally, the rewards from these all give various “Iksar Parts”. Make sure to keep them as they are used in another Quest to create Baron Yosig’s Skeleton (an Iksar Skeleton Illusion).

Complete the 4 Solo Tasks below.

Solo Task
Evil Afoot GUIDE
Idle Hands GUIDE
Purify the Body GUIDE
The Skull of the Ancient GUIDE

Once all 4 are complete, Hail Phara Dar in Field of Scale to complete The Grand Illusion.

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